Katherine Cimorelli Biography

(American Pop Singer)

Birthday: March 4, 1992 (Pisces)

Born In: California, United States

Katherine Cimorelli is an American singer and bassist. She is a member of 'Cimorelli,' a California-based all-girl pop band. Katherine performs in the band along with her sisters. She is the second-oldest sister in the group and the third-oldest child in the Cimorelli family. The band was started in 2007. Following this, their official 'YouTube' channel, which now primarily hosts cover songs, was launched. Katherine has composed a few of the tracks from the albums of 'Cimorelli.' As a group member, Katherine has performed all over the world at 'Cimorelli' concerts and other music events.
Quick Facts

Also Known As: Katherine Ann Cimorelli

Age: 32 Years, 32 Year Old Females

Bassists Guitarists

Height: 5'9" (175 cm), 5'9" Females

U.S. State: California

Growing up in a family that was passionate about music, Katherine was destined to make a career in the field. Her mother gave basic vocal lessons to all the Cimorelli sisters.
Katherine began her career by forming the singing group 'Cimorelli' with her sisters. In 2007, her eldest sister first conceived the idea of recording cover versions of popular tracks and uploading them on 'YouTube.' Katherine's other sisters, Lisa, Amy, and Lauren, joined their eldest sister, Christina, to form the group. Initially, their oldest brother, Mike Cimorelli Jr., was also part of the group. Dani joined the group in 2010. Katherine joined the group as an occasional bassist and also has lent her voice to a few of the tracks of the band’s albums. She has also written the lyrics of many songs of the albums. 'Cimorelli’s compositions display an excellent amalgamation of the “a cappella” style of singing, with occasional instrumental elements.
In 2008, Katherine contributed to 'Cimorelli's' debut EP, ‘Hello There.’ The same year, they started their 'YouTube' channel, which primarily hosts vlogs made by the Cimorelli sisters. Katherine and her group signed a contract with ‘Universal Music’s 'Island Records' two years later. They then moved to Malibu to pursue their music career. They left the label in 2015 and shifted to Nashville, Tennessee, where they began composing songs as independent artists.
On October 27, 2017, 'Cimorelli' released their third album, 'Sad Girls Club.' This is their only album to date that has a solo song of each of the Cimorelli sisters. Katherine sang the track 'Where It All Ended...' The following summer, their fourth album, 'I Love You, or Whatever,' was launched. The album included three spoken word performances. Katherine was featured in the song 'To Be a Human,' while Amy and Dani performed in the tracks 'Summer in a Small Town' and 'Minefield,' respectively.
As a band member, Katherine has performed live at various venues all across the world, including the US, Canada, Europe, the Philippines, and South America. She is also part of 'Cimorelli’s' official 'YouTube' channel, which has earned over 4.5 million subscribers. Katherine owns an individual 'Instagram' account and has earned over 232 thousand followers on the platform. Her 'Twitter' account has over 342 thousand followers.
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Family & Personal Life
Katherine was born on March 4, 1992, in El Dorado Hills, California, to Lynne and Michael Cimorelli. She is the third-eldest of the 10 children born to her parents. Her 11 siblings are Michael “Mike” Jr., Christina, Lisa, Amy, Alex, Lauren, Dani, Christian, Nick, and Joey. Like her other siblings, she has been homeschooled all her life. Katherine joined college at the age of 15. She has already completed 2 years of college. Katherine plans to continue her studies while making a career in music. She is likely to choose liberal arts or English as her degree course subject. Katherine can speak a little Spanish, Portuguese, and German but mostly converses in English with her sisters.
Katherine is currently dating a man named Max Straneva. She featured her boyfriend in a tag video that was posted on 'Cimorelli's' 'YouTube' channel on January 6, 2019. The two found each other in 2017 through a dating app and began their relationship after almost a month of their first meeting.
Some of Katherine’s favorite TV shows are 'Big Time Rush,' 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure,' 'Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures,' 'Say Yes to the Dress,' and 'Jonas LA.' Her favorite animated movie is 'The Lion King.'
Katherine loves to cook and bake, especially cookies, quiches, pita bread, and pies/cakes. Writing poetry is one of her favorite leisure activities. However, Katherine is not too good at memorizing lyrics. She also plays bass guitar and the piano. Katherine is passionate about travel, too. When she is not working, she mostly travels. Italy tops the list of her favorite destinations. Katherine wishes to do missionary work and own an ice cream shop someday.
Katherine is an ardent animal lover. She owns a turtle and has two fish, named Rocky and Sushi. However, she is allergic to cats and dreads spiders.
Katherine’s look is often compared to that of actor Anne Hathaway. She is a huge fan of singer and instrumentalist Stevie Wonder and wishes to perform with him once. Her favorite Stevie Wonder song is 'For Once on My Life.’ A few of her other favorite tracks are 'Baby It's You’ by JoJo, 'Clear' by Miley Cyrus, 'Hey Stephen' by Taylor Swift, and Relient K’s 'Deathbed' and 'When I Go Down.' She is Catholic, and her favorite Christian song is 'Better Is One Day' by Matt Maher.
Katherine is sporty and often runs to keep herself fit. She likes running on the beach. She is also fond of skateboarding and boxing, the latter being her favorite sport. She was also a member of a swim team and would love to own a gym someday.

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