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(Youtube Star)

Birthday: February 10, 1996 (Aquarius)

Born In: England

Faze Kay is one of the directors of the gaming group, ‘Faze Clan.’ Faze Clan is basically an organization of e-sports that plays as a team. Faze Clan is popular for playing games like ‘Call of Duty,’ ‘Overwatch,’ ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,’ ‘Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege,’ ‘PUBG,’ and EA Sports' FIFA tournaments. Faze Kay owns a YouTube channel named ‘Khattrisha.’ He has created a separate channel for his daily vlogs, reaction videos, pranks and challenge videos as well. Faze Kay is equally popular on Twitch where he has amassed more than 90,000 followers for his exciting live stream videos.
Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In February

Age: 28 Years, 28 Year Old Males


siblings: Jarvis and Chandler

City: Hertfordshire, England

YouTube & Gaming
Faze Kay joined the Faze clan many days after the clan was created. The group came into the picture after it acquired the roster of G2 E-sports. The clan mostly plays the game series of ‘Call of Duty.’ Faze Kay was introduced to the clan two years after its creation when the montages posted on his channel caught the attention of the creators.
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Started by FaZe Housecat, FaZe ClipZ and FaZe Resistance, the ‘Call of Duty’ series is now managed by Faze Kay and others. Apart from gaming, Faze Kay’s live stream videos posted on the social media platform has earned him a huge number of followers.
Initially, Faze Kay’s YouTube channel consisted of videos related to games alone. But gradually, he started posting a variety of videos. The channel now consists of prank videos, challenge videos, games and question & answer videos. He has also collaborated with other Faze clan members like Faze Linkzy, Faze Blaziken, Faze Carl, etc.
His brother Jarvis Kaye has appeared on Faze Kay’s videos on several occasions. Together they have played many games that had gone viral on the internet. Faze Kay has uploaded many videos, such as ‘my first fan mail opening,’ ‘Q & A with my little brother,’ ‘entire american mcdonald's menu in 10 minutes challenge,’ etc.
‘Ordering all on the menu’ is one of the most popular video series that he has posted. Faze Kay took up this viral challenge along with his Faze Clan friends. The challenge was to finish off the food in not more than ten minutes. Faze Kay came up with a game plan as he stacked all the pizza slices and tried eating them as a whole.
He posted a video in which he shared his experience of getting scammed by a store owner. He then played a prank on his brother by pretending to be hurt. Faze Kay smeared ketchup and strawberry syrup all over his hand and told his brother that he had accidentally slipped his hand into a blender. He also posted various other prank videos on his channel.
He then took up the dangerous and popular challenge, ‘insane corn on drill challenge.’ Inspired by the creators of Faze Clan, Faze Kay posted many trick shot videos as well. He posted a series of trick shot videos, in which he displayed his video editing skills. Even though Faze Kay is now totally into prank and challenge videos, he still posts videos related to ‘Call of Duty.’ However, the number of game related videos has gone down significantly. His YouTube channel has amassed a million subscribers. Faze Kay went on to upload a video, in which he thanked his fans for their continued support.
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Personal Life
Faze Kay’s real name is Frazier Kaye. He was born on February 10, 1996, in England. His brothers, Jarvis, Chandler, and Jay, have appeared on his videos on multiple occasions. Jarvis went on to join the Faze Clan and posts game related videos on Faze Kay’s YouTube channel.
Faze Kay was not always passionate about video games. He never thought of having a career in the gaming field. He was among the top students in his school. He had managed to secure good grades in college as well. He then enrolled himself in a university for higher studies. Faze Kay opted for business studies at the university but he got bored of it right after completing his first year.
He then developed a liking towards information technology, software developing and game programming. He decided to quit the course and took up another course which he was interested in. Unfortunately, he had to drop out of the university as he was asked to choose a different course at the last minute. He then started his career as a YouTuber and eventually became a part of Faze Clan.

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