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Birthday: March 19, 2001 (Pisces)

Born In: Wisconsin, United States

Josie Jabs is an American social media personality who is best known for her eponymous YouTube channel with 335K subscribers on which she posts vlogs and videos about shopping hauls, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She also loves to travel and had a sponsored trip to Montauk, New York from the Pura Vida bracelet brand in August 2019. The same month she had her first ever Europe trip. She had visited Mexico a month earlier. She often makes shopping haul videos sponsored by her favourite clothing and fashion brand Princess Polly, but has also been sponsored by other brands such as Zaful, Audible and thredUP. She is a huge fan of Billie Eilish and attended one of her concerts in Chicago in June 2019. She has 126k followers on Instagram and 179k fans on TikTok.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Joslyn Marie Jabs

Age: 22 Years, 22 Year Old Females

Born Country: United States

Height: 5'5" (165 cm), 5'5" Females

U.S. State: Wisconsin

Diseases & Disabilities: Depression

Rise to Stardom

Josie Jabs created her YouTube channel on August 12, 2013, but did not upload any videos on it until five years later on August 23, 2018, when she posted the video “chit-chat grwm | high school football game”. In her third video, “freshmen advice and why I started youtube (Q&A!!!)”, uploaded a week later, she revealed that she always loved watching popular YouTubers like Bethany Mota and wanted to have her own channel since she was in the sixth grade. She further revealed that she had started her YouTube journey in the seventh grade, but deleted the channel after receiving a lot of hate. On her new channel, she often posted videos about shopping hauls, fashion, beauty and lifestyle, as well as vlogs about her daily life and experiences. While she has another channel, “Josie Jabs Vlogs”, she has uploaded only one video on it. She recounted her YouTube journey in a video titled “getting older - 3 years on youtube”, posted on August 22, 2021. Interestingly, she has been on Instagram since before actively pursuing YouTube.
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Heartbreak & Mental Health Issues

In her first Q&A video on YouTube, Josie Jabs mentioned that she had been suffering from depression lately, and wanted an outlet for her feelings. She initially thought of a blog, but felt more comfortable filming herself for YouTube than typing an article. She mentioned already getting hate on her new channel, but insisted on not letting the negativity get to her as she was also receiving a lot of positive feedback. She promised to talk about mental health in a separate video in the future.

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On October 26, 2019, Josie Jabs uploaded the video where i have been in which she stated that she took a step away from social media due to mental health issues. She revealed that she “felt heartbreak and loss” as “some really important people” had walked out of her life recently, making her feel unworthy of love. She further revealed that a boy broke her heart for the third time after she brought him back into her life twice. She mentioned contemplating leaving college, even if temporarily, and then on February 8, 2020, uploaded the video why i left college. In the video, she revealed that she had tried to end her life by overdosing on her antidepressant medicine one fateful night after feeling lonely following an unpleasant outing with friends. Thankfully, it didn’t cause any major harm as she had texted a couple friends soon after and they made sure she was taken to the hospital, even though forcibly.

In the same video, she disclosed suffering from anxiety and depression for the past two years and being suicidal before, but shared the message to her fans that “nothing is worth ending your life over”. Following release from hospital, she started therapy again and was taken home, from where she attended online class. In another video from November 2020, she revealed that she had hit another rough patch but was determined to overcome it.

Family & Personal Life

Josie Jabs was born as Joslyn Marie Jabs on March 19, 2001 in Wisconsin, United States. She has two younger brothers who have featured in her videos. She completed her high school graduation in June 2019 and went to college at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, in Fall that year to study retail merchandising at its design school. However, she left college after her first semester and started taking online classes from home, but eventually stopped her schooling because she was not enjoying it and did not want to waste money on tuition fees. She moved to Atlanta, Georgia in early 2021 as she felt the city had better opportunities than her small Wisconsin town, but returned home a month later after a falling out with the friend she was living with there. She temporarily moved to New York City in April 2021 and later enrolled into the Fashion Institute of Technology in early 2022.

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