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Joshua Ovenshire is a multifaceted American social-media personality. Find more about his family, personal life, including his age, birthday, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: May 18, 1987

Nationality: American

Age: 32 Years, 32 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Taurus

Born in: California

Famous as: YouTube Star


Spouse/Ex-: Katherine Bow

U.S. State: California

Popularity Index
Gamers #169 YouTubers #732
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Joshua Ovenshire is a multifaceted American social-media personality. He has gained prominence as a host, producer, actor, and an online gamer. Better known as "Jovenshire," "The Jovenshire," and "Joven," he is one of the six hosts of ‘Smosh Games,’ a gaming channel on 'YouTube.' Joshua is also known for participating in the gaming competition ‘King of the Nerds.’ He has hosted a number of series of ‘Clevver Games’ and ‘Mahalo Games’ in the past. As an actor, Joshua has been associated with many prestigious and successful projects. Joshua owns a 'YouTube' channel that hosts videos about movies, comics, video games, and everything related to the "geek culture." The channel has now accumulated an impressive subscription base.

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Rise to Stardom
  • Joshua commenced his career in the social-media scene as a gamer host. In 2010, he made his debut with the video-gaming series ‘Mahalo Games.’ Simultaneously, he hosted the game series ‘Clevver Games.’ His chemistry with his co-hosts “Lasercorn” and Sohinki was highly appreciated by the viewers. Joshua’s breakthrough came in 2013, with the reality TV show ‘King of the Nerds’ (Season 1). The show was a tremendous success and helped Joshua earn immense fame. The same year, he launched his own 'YouTube' channel, ‘The Jovenshire.’ The channel has a wide range of entertainment content to cater to the viewers. Apart from posting regular vlogs, Joshua also hosts the weekly panel show ‘Unpopular Kids.’ His channel became immensely popular shortly after the launch of the show. At present, the channel has over 372 thousand subscribers. With the success of his channel, Joshua registered his name among the most prominent and established 'YouTube' gamers. In 2013, he attended the 'WonderCon' dressed as ‘Wolverine.’ He also attended the “YouTubers” grand festival 'Video Convention' the same year, where he performed the popular track 'Call Me Maybe.'
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Association with Smosh Games
  • Joshua has had a long-term association with the 'YouTube' gaming channel ‘Smosh Games.’ After the exit of two of its popular members, “Lasercorn” and Sohinki, Joshua is now one of the two original ‘Smosh Games’ members to still be associated with the channel.
  • Joshua has earned incredible fame through the 'Smosh Games’ series ‘Game Bang.’ He holds a record for the most losses (75 losses) in 'Game Bang.' Despite this, he is the series' most favorite host.
Other Ventures
  • Joshua has earned fame as an actor, an editor, and a writer, too. In 2010, he was listed as one of the editors of the thriller series ‘8.13.’ He had a very long association, as a writer, with the TV series ‘Honest Game Trailers.’
  • Joshua has also briefly pursued a career as a voice artist. He lent his voice to a 'DLC' announcer pack for the mobile game ‘Jetpack Fighter.’ He has also voiced the characters 'Baron Zemo' and 'Bucky Barnes' in ‘How Captain America: Civil War Should Have Ended.’ He also appeared in the web series ‘The Walking Dead.’
  • Joshua has acquired numerous nicknames and online pseudonyms in his career to date. His occasional hysteric fits and periodic, breathless laughter have earned him the nickname "the Walrus Laugh.”
  • Joshua has terrible eyesight. He has developed blind spots in his cornea that make it difficult for him to read, write, or see things clearly. He faces vision problems while playing games, too. One of the members of his gaming squad, known as “Flitz,” once called Josh the "Blind Beaver." In addition, Joshua is also known as “Joven," "Paranormalpir8," "Jovey (Mari)," "Mr. Handsome," "Joven of the Shire," "Breakfast Bitch," and "Detective Raisins." However, Joshua prefers to be called as either “Joshua” or “Joven.”
  • Joshua has a fetish for tattoos. He has numerous tattoos all over his body, and each of them has a specific meaning and memory attached to it.
  • Joshua’s first tattoo was the one on his right arm. The tattoo, inked in Japanese characters, translates into the phrase "Don't fear your decision." On his left wrist, he has inked a set of vampire fangs. Right above the fangs, he sports the 'Batman' logo, which depicts his immense fondness for the superhero. Joshua calls the tattoo 'The Bat-tat.’ His right calf displays a 'Star Wars' franchise character, the ‘Mandalorian,’ or the ‘Boba Fett Crest.’ The largest tattoo on his body is along the length of his spine. It is a large sword and symbolizes strength. A set of clockwork gears is inked over his heart and commemorates his numerous near-death survivals.
Personal Life
  • Joshua was born Joshua Evan Ovenshire, on May 18, 1987, in California, US. He is of Irish descent. He was a member of his high-school flag team.
  • Joshua is married to the popular hair and makeup stylist Katherine "Kate" Bow. Joshua met her for the first time through 'Tinder' in 2014. Joshua’s nerdy appearance attracted Kate a lot, and she swiped right. They got engaged in September 2016 and exchanged their wedding vows on September 30, 2017. Previously, Joshua had been in a relationship with American TV personality, actor, and comedian Erin Darling.
  • Joshua has a number of phobias, about which he has mentioned a few times in his vlogs. He has coulrophobia, or the fear of clowns, and ornithophobia, or the fear of birds. Joshua dreads ostriches and peacocks. He has spoken about his numerous near- death experiences on several occasions. He was electrocuted a number of times and was even declared dead once. Joshua is a cancer survivor, too.
  • An excellent cook, Joshua has displayed his culinary skills in one of his videos. He prefers nachos over popcorn, while watching movies.
  • His all-time favorite show is the long-running British science-fiction drama ‘Doctor Who.’ He has a crush on the popular Hollywood actor Emma Watson. An ardent pet lover, Joshua owns two dogs named Lilah and Freya. He loves listening to country music.

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Last Updated : September 15, 2018
Joshua Ovenshire

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