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All about American social media personality and TikTok star Joseph Joey (Joseph) including his age, birthday, girlfriends, net worth, and some fun facts.

Quick Facts

Birthday: May 29, 2002

Nationality: American

Age: 17 Years, 17 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Gemini

Also Known As: Joseph Matthew Birlem, Joey Birlem

Born Country: United States

Born in: California

Famous as: TikTok ( Star


mother: Jen Valdez

siblings: Sophia (Elder Sister) and Bella

U.S. State: California

Popularity Index
TikTok Stars #57 Social Media Stars #584
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The internet is making it easy for talented artists to showcase their skills before others and grow to be highly paid artists. Internet is specifically useful to young artists who have limited backing in the form of well-connected agents to back them. There are a number of young artists who have used the internet to attain instant stardom. One such young artist is Joseph Birlem. He was a child prodigy who started showing interest in music at a very young age. He started to sing when he was just six years of age. However, he began to get some recognition only when he started using Internet as a launch pad for his future career. Taking note of other young artists, Joseph Birlem too started to promote himself on the Internet rather than depending on music companies which demand a good cut in the artiste’s pay and long-term contracts.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
  • As TikTok (earlier known as was becoming the platform for all the aspirational singers of the time, he opened an account on the portal and started posting his music videos on it. The channel was very well received and got more than a million followers in a short time period. In view of his success on TikTok, he also posted his videos on other social media sites. The short versions of his videos posted on other popular social media sites like Instagram too proved to be wildly popular. The number of followers of Joseph Birlem on Instagram too increased to 567K very quickly. His growing popularity made him emerge as one of the leading personalities on TikTok. During the month of December 2015, Joseph Birlem emerged as one of the most popular young singing sensations along with the likes of Loren Beech. For a young star like Joseph Birlem, this was considered to be a major achievement by the media and his fans.
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  • Another important factor which has contributed to his meteoric rise was his association with another teen internet sensation, Tayler Holder. Tayler too was a young musician who was born in Texas. When he migrated from Texas to California, he immediately collaborated with Joseph Birlem because of their common interests. Together they started a YouTube Channel called Joey and Tayler in January 2016. The channel was an instant hit among the young audiences. Both Tayler and Birlem share the revenues they make from their collaborative YouTube Channel.
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What Makes Joseph Birlem So Special
  • Joesph Birlem has been considered one of the hottest sensations on Internet in a country like USA which is known for its celebrity worship. His stardom is mostly owed to his sweet and captivating voice which is considered extremely attractive by his younger fans. Moreover, what sets him apart from other singers of his age is the way he mixes singing with other artistic activities like dancing. His other activities like posting pictures from his daily life make him an adorable figure.
Beyond Fame
  • Being young Joseph Birlem has stayed away from all kinds of controversies. As reported in some kinds of media outlets including his own social media profiles, he does not have any girlfriend.
Behind The Curtains
  • Having been born in a caring family, Joey Birlem had a very good childhood. His parents took a keen interest in his career and gave all the requisite support to him. At a young age, he wanted to be an athlete and was inspired by the American athletes who routinely win lots of medals in the Olympics and Asian games every year. He learned skateboarding and became a young skateboarder. He had even participated in some local skateboarding competitions. When he was actively pursuing his interests to be a skateboarder, he had started a Twitter account called illest_sk8 in order to make people realize his interests. Joey’s family is small. He is the only son and he has two sisters. His sisters give him good encouragement even though they do not share his interest in music.
  • Joseph Birlem is also good at collaborating. Along with his friend Tayler Holder he created a collaborative YouTube channel in January 2016 called ‘Joey And Tayler.’

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Last Updated : March 15, 2020
Joseph Birlem

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