Jennifer Pfautch Biography

Jennifer Pfautch is an American publicist and the wife of American actor Omari Hardwick. Let’s take a look at her childhood, family, personal life, career, life facts etc.

Jennifer Pfautch
Quick Facts

Nationality: American

Famous: American Women

Famous as: Omari Hardwick's Wife


Spouse/Ex-: Omari Hardwick (m. 2012)

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Jennifer Pfautch is an American publicist who has worked as a producer at some of the most renowned companies of Hollywood. She is, however, more famous as the wife of American actor Omari Hardwick, known for films like ‘Miracle at St. Anna’ (2008) and ‘The A-Team’ (2010) and particularly for playing James "Ghost" St. Patrick in the Starz aired American crime drama-thriller TV series ‘Power’ (2014 – Present). Jennifer who was in a long time relationship with Omari has remained a strong support in his life since the actor’s struggling days. The couple’s wedlock, however, was not taken well by many of Omari’s fans, predominantly for being interracial. Time and again the lady has faced the wrath of her husband’s fans, some of whom also went to the extent of calling her “ugly”. Although Jennifer chose to just ignore such harassments with sheer dignity, Omari, the doting husband that he is, retaliated back in defence of his wife through several tweets. A professional lady, a loving wife and mother of two adorable children with Omari, Jennifer has also made a decent presence for herself in social media and runs her website where she shares her experiences, words of wisdom and recipes.

Jennifer Pfautch
Marrying Omari Hardwick
  • Jennifer, a tall and well built American blonde, has more or less kept her life away from the spotlight. There is hardly any information available on her birth details, parents, education background and early life. She hails from Saint Louis, Missouri, and is known for her fascinating personality. She is known to have been with Omari since the time he had no house and money and lived in his car while striving to get a foothold in his career. From such time till present she has remained firm by his side supporting and inspiring him in his endeavours. The lovebirds, however, faced criticism for their interracial relationship and went for a quiet wedding attended by a selected few in 2012. They decided to keep their private life away from unnecessary attention, curiosity and limelight. The couple are blessed with two adorable children, Nova and Brave.
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Facing the Wrath of Omari's Fans
  • Although Jennifer is content with her relationship and life with Omari, she has remained a victim of harassment from the latter’s fans, predominantly of the Black race who probably expected him to marry a Black woman. The fans many a times voiced their opinion on Omari’s choice of marrying her. One of these fans took to the social media commenting “Love you ghost … you lost points for marrying white…but we still got you”. The fans hurled harsh comments on her appearance on social media and many of them even went further and called her “ugly”. This didn’t stop even after she became mother of his child. Jennifer kept her dignity and refrained from censuring her haters with mean comments and rather gave them some words of wisdom making them know that such things are not in her league.
  • Omari always stands strong with his wife calling her a “beautiful angel”. In response to such nasty comments hurled on his wife every now and then Omari took to Twitter and shared his thoughts on the subject through his tweets. These included a tweet dated September 22, 2014 where he said “I wish all of you could experience celebrity for a week to understand the LEVEL of ugly in certain diseases (called human beings)”.
Professional & Other Endeavours
  • Jennifer has created her own identity as a publicist and producer and has worked with some of the big and famous companies in Hollywood. She also has her own website ‘’ where she has four different sections namely ‘Food For Thought’, ‘Inspiration’, ‘Eye Candy’ and ‘Good Eats’. In the ‘Food For Thought’ section she shares words of wisdom. In the ‘Inspiration’ section she talks about the things and persons who motivate her and also shares encouraging stories with the viewers. The things that she just adores, which can be anything from a mere lip gloss to a new hotel, finds place in the ‘Eye Candy’ section of the site. Last but not the least, Jennifer, who has thrived as a complete family person balancing her roles as wife and mother with great élan, shares different recipes in the ‘Good Eats’ section. Most of these recipes are healthy and healing with some others being just the mouth-licking and self-indulgent ones. She has also made a decent presence in social media with her Instagram account ‘mrsjaeh’ where she has already garnered over 48 K followers and her Twitter account ‘jenniferpfautch’.
Convincing Omari for Playing James 'Ghost' St. Patrick
  • According to an Instagram post from Omari, it was Jennifer who convinced him to take the role of James "Ghost" St. Patrick in the crime drama-thriller TV series ‘Power’, which initially he was hesitant to accept. He wrote “Between the 45 days of prayer from a one @mrsjaeh asking God to ‘help me embrace my Power & Dominion’ (yes, that word: power), & sitting down even a month after THAT with a one @ckagbohofficial & then talking to a one @50cent …..God had answered that prayer & spoke to me”. Well...thanks to Jennifer who gave us the “Ghost” and furthered Omari’s success to new heights!

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