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(British Twitch Streamer and Instagram Sensation Who Is the Wife of YouTuber Daniel Middleton)

Birthday: April 9, 1992 (Aries)

Born In: England

Jemma Middleton is the wife of one of YouTube’s most established gamers Daniel Middleton, who has more than 14 million subscribers on his ‘YouTube’ channel. Daniel married Jemma after dating her for several years, bringing joy to millions of their fans. Jemma herself is a ‘YouTuber’ with around 213k subscribers to her channel. She is also an online gamer like her husband who plays Minecraft. However, lately, Jemma hasn’t posted any new videos to her channel but appears in Daniel’s vlogs, videos, and gameplays. Her channel has over 16 million views. She has a ‘Twitter’ account with 61.2K followers. On Instagram, she has a fan following of over 292K.

Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In April

Also Known As: Jemma Christine Middleton

Age: 31 Years, 31 Year Old Females


Spouse/Ex-: Daniel Middleton

Born Country: England

City: Hertfordshire, England

The Meteoric Rise

Jemma met Daniel in school. Both had been batch mates and took lessons together, often sitting beside each other owing to the alphabetical order of their surnames. By the time they were done with high school, they began dating and Daniel proposed to Jemma when she was eighteen years old.

Both began seeking stability in their career after they got together to enable them to save up for their marriage. While Daniel created his YouTube account and began uploading ‘Pokemon’ gameplays, Jemma took up odd jobs to save up for their future.

In 2012, after Daniel’s channel crossed 100,000 subscribers, he began taking his channel seriously and dedicated most of his time to YouTube, all the while receiving support from his girlfriend. After accumulating millions of subscribers, he married his fiancé on 17th March 2012.

Jemma was encouraged to create her own ‘YouTube’ channel and on 22nd July 2013 she joined ‘Youtube’ and named her channel ‘xXJemmaMXx’ where she played Minecraft too. She uploaded her first video on August 19 of that year and quickly gathered over 200,000 subscribers on her channel. However, towards the end of the year, she stopped uploading videos and has around 40 videos on her channel now. Her most popular videos have been her Minecraft battles with Daniel. She received 3.1 million views for her gameplay titled ‘Minecraft| Husband vs Wife SURVIVAL| Episode 1| Fast Food’. She later started streaming on her Twitch channel ‘xjemmamx’ and remained active for a while on the platform. Even though she no longer streams on Twitch, her channel remains over 50k followers strong.

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What Makes Jemma Middleton So Special

There is no doubt that Daniel fell in love with Jemma’s beauty, but the most special thing about her is her warm nature, humility, and optimism. She has seen her husband rise from nowhere to become one of the most followed ‘YouTubers’ and has been his pillar of strength all along.

She presently helps her husband manage his channel and takes care of his fan emails and his ‘Twitter’ posts. She is full of zest and energy and works hard along with her husband aiding in his success. According to Daniel, Jemma is his best friend and truly brings out the best in him.

Beyond Fame

Jemma loves different types of food, especially breads, and pizzas but can hardly enjoy them owing to a digestive disorder. She is slim and loves dressing casually. Jemma is an animal lover and has two pet pug dogs, Ellie and Darcie. *Just like her husband, Jemma loves playing new video games. Her absolute favorites are Minecraft, Game of Thrones, and Pokémon. She often challenges her husband to these games and enjoys the lighthearted competitive spirit they both possess. Her favorite television show is AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’.

Behind The Curtains

Jemma was born on 9th April 1992 in England. Not much is known about her family. After completing high school she sought admission to college. Daniel and Jemma were in a relationship for years before they tied the knot. Daniel recalls having known Jemma since the two were in the sixth year of their school. They finally fell in love at a Halloween party and have been together ever since. She looked like a dream at her wedding with a beautiful white off-shoulder gown, minimal makeup, and gentle blonde curls. The couple traveled to Florida, United States on their honeymoon.

Since their marriage, she has been touring with her husband at various conventions and game events. She is mostly spotted on Daniel’s ‘MoreTDM’ channel doing various challenges with him for their subscribers. The channel was launched as a platform to post content other than Daniel’s gameplay.

One of the couple’s most viewed videos is the ‘Eggcellent Wife Challenge’. They had their first child, a son named Asher, in 2020. The couple announced the birth of their second son, Miles, in 2022.

Jemma suffers from Crohn's Disease and has worked tirelessly to spread awareness about the ailment. She likes ramen but hates sushi. Understandably, she is a fan of shopping.

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