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(YouTube Star)

Birthday: June 1, 1994 (Gemini)

Born In: Sheffield, England

Gabriella Lindley is a British Youtuber whose personal vlogs, makeup hauls and lifestyle videos have earned her almost 900,000 subscribers. Gabbie joined the YouTube bandwagon in 2013 and started posting videos on her channel, ‘velvetgh0st’. In fact, she was an active blogger before she switched to YouTube. Her channel’s most popular videos include her makeup hauls, tours around her home and her look books. She has frequently collaborated with YouTube celebrity Zoella. The duo’s videos remain the most popular among their shared fanbase. Gabbie studied musical theatre, and she is a trained vocal singer as well. Her covers and performances are huge hits among her fans. Gabbie’s lifestyle and beauty videos have been a great influence on millennials, which got her several brand collaborations, including Primark and McDonald’s. Her candid posts and honest reviews have resonated favorably with her audience. She has a second channel called ‘PlanetGabb’ that focuses on her personal content. It has over 500k subscribers and around 75 million views. She is quite active on social media as well. Her Instagram account has over 700k followers, while her Twitter feed is followed by 690k users.
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British Celebrities Born In June

Age: 29 Years, 29 Year Old Females


mother: Jane

Notable Alumni: Wakefield College

City: Sheffield, England

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education: Wakefield College

Gabriella Lindley started posting videos on her main channel ‘velvetgh0st’ in 2013. Her videos initially concentrated on beauty and fashion before she introduced personal content as well. The topics she talked about resonated very well with her audience. In no time, her fan base grew and she became one of the most popular vloggers in the UK. In 2015, she along with Oli White was signed by McDonald’s to help launch its youth-targeted channel, ‘Channel Us’; which was a strategy to engage with a younger demographic. Later in the year, Gabby announced a collaboration with Primark, a budget high-street fashion brand. The project included launching a homeware collection that mirrored Gabbie’s style and aesthetics: pastel-colored bedding, sequined cushions and lighting, triangular patterns and rose gold hues. She even made an appearance at the Sheffield Meadowhall Primark store to promote the products and engage with her fans. This new line became immensely successful and the collaboration turned into a long-term partnership.
In 2016, Gabby teamed up with Primark to launch a new stationery collection. The products in this line included pastel-hued pencils, pencil cases, notebooks and pens. It was also in 2016 that Gabbie decided to become more personal and honest in her vlogs. She revealed the reason behind her dramatic weight loss, which was a series of surgeries. Several photographs of her as a young child revealed that she was overweight in childhood, and that affected her self-esteem. In her case, surgeries were a corrective measure, which helped her regain confidence necessary to lead a normal life. She admitted to having undergone several “life-changing” surgical operations, including a breast uplift and liposuction. These revelations made her a target of unflattering comments and opinions that affected her popularity. However, Gabbie decided to remain honest about her personal life and opened up about her sexuality, stating that she is bisexual.
Apart from being a social media celebrity, Gabbie is also a trained singer who was in the choir of her school. She even won the Eileen Diamond Memorial Trophy for the most promising singer. She continues to share her love for music by recording and posting covers of her favorite songs. She currently has another channel on YouTube called ‘Planet Gabb’ where she posts vlog related to her personal life. She remains active on both channels. Her fan following on Instagram has exceeded 70k followers.
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Controversies & Scandals
Gabriella Lindley’s spat and eventual break off with fellow YouTube star Zoella is well known. They were close friends and had appeared together in many videos, which were very popular among their fans. However, Zoella’s disappearance from Gabbie’s videos raised the speculation that the duo might not be talking to each other. It was said that Gabbie’s condescending tweets about the app ‘Vessel’ caused the rift. Gabbie had blocked several people on Twitter whose opinions differed with her regarding ‘Vessel’.
Later, in her vlog titled ‘Honesty’, she expressed her disappointment over the squabble she had with Zoe, saying that she regrets not continuing the friendship they shared. She also admitted that she was immature at that time, and now she would unblock anyone who asked her to do so. However, many bloggers continue to see Gabbie in an unflattering light because of her constant rifts with other YouTubers and her so called promotion of unhealthy weight loss surgeries.
Family & Personal Life
Gabriella Lindley was born on 1 June 1994 in Sheffield, England. She studied musical theatre at Wakefield College where she received many accolades. She lives with her mother Jane and her cat in London.
Gabriella Lindley’s favorite show is ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ and she also loves listening to One Direction.

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