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(YouTuber, Viner)

Birthday: August 23, 2002 (Virgo)

Born In: United States

Kyle Abercrombie is an American YouTube star, Instagrammer, former Viner, and social media celebrity. He garnered online fame under the username It’s Just Kyle and as part of his brother Luke’s social media content. Luke is an incredibly popular social media influencer with over 200 thousand YouTube subscribers and more than a hundred thousand followers on Instagram. Furthermore, he had over 410 thousand followers on Vine at the height of its popularity. Kyle not only stars alongside his brother in the latter’s videos, he also helps him make them. Luke eventually took a break from social media due to personal issues and Kyle followed suit. The brothers returned in June 2018. Recently, Luke created a game room for Kyle from where he can create and post gaming videos on YouTube if he chooses to. Kyle has not posted any videos yet but his channel already has over 48 thousand subscribers.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Kyle Abercrombie

Age: 21 Years, 21 Year Old Males


siblings: Luke, Megan, Sara, Trey

Born Country: United States

Rise to Fame
Kyle helped his brother launch his Vine career in September 2014. He was with Luke at every step of the way. He often appeared in the videos and helped him with the creative process. At the height of Vine’s popularity, Luke’s Vine had over 410k followers. However, Luke soon realized that Vine was dying. The brothers immediately quit the platform and began to upload content solely on YouTube. It did not take them long to find success there as well. During this period, the family was having financial issues. Luke knew that the channel was popular and they were earning a significant amount of money. However, he could not comprehend where it was all going. Their mother was handling the finances. Eventually, there was a major argument between Luke and their mother. As a result, Luke moved out of the house and later deleted their YouTube account.
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Luke returned in June 2018. His most popular video to date is ‘Recreating Our Iconic Vines’, with over 3.6 million views. In it, Kyle and Luke work together to recreate their most popular Vines. In August, Luke surprised his brother by setting up a game room for him as a birthday gift.
Kyle has his own YouTube account these days. He loves to play Fortnite. It is highly probable that in future he will start posting gaming videos on his channel.
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Personal Life
Kyle Abercrombie was born on August 23, 2002 in the United States of America. Besides Luke, he has another brother, Trey, and two sisters, Megan and Sara. Their parents separated when Kyle was still a child. He and Luke have always been close. They virtually grew up together as Kyle is only two years younger than Luke. Hence, when Luke decided to pursue his long-time dream of becoming famous on Vine, Kyle became his willing accomplice.
When Kyle was in the seventh grade, he, Luke, and their mother lived out of a basement. The family faced several financial issues at the time. After six months, they eventually moved into a house.
Despite his online success, Luke was becoming more and more disengaged from real life. He did not have any friends and his relationship with his mother deteriorated after he started questioning her about the money that his channel was earning. Eventually, the brothers started to live in different places when Luke left and moved in with his father. They then quit YouTube and returned only in June 2018.

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