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Heather Sutherland is an Australian academician and former history professor.

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Nationality: Australian

Famous: Lesbians Australian Female

Famous as: Academician

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education: The Australian National University

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Heather Sutherland is an Australian academician and former history professor. She has taught at many universities, including the prestigious ‘Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam’ in The Netherlands. Sutherland has also worked as a professor in places like Malaysia, Australia, and Indonesia. Apart from teaching, Sutherland has published many of her works in multiple languages. Though she is an established academician, Sutherland is best known as the long-time partner of British-Australian actress Miriam Margolyes. Sutherland and Margolyes, who have been partners since 1967, are currently in civil partnership. Margolyes’ relationship with the Australian academician has been well documented. On January 26, 2013, Margolyes became an Australian citizen. One of her major reasons to become an Australian citizen was to explore the country along with her partner, Heather Sutherland.

Early Life & Career
  • Heather Sutherland was born in Australia. After her high school education, Sutherland enrolled at ‘The Australian National University’ in Canberra. During her stay at the ‘National University,’ Sutherland studied Malaysian and Indonesian history for four years. She also spent a couple of years studying languages like Minangkabau, Javanese, and Arabic. Sutherland then went on to pursue a career as an academician and teacher, specializing in Indonesian studies. Throughout her career, Sutherland explored the history of Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. She also published her works pertaining to the historiography of Southeast Asia. As a professor, Heather Sutherland has worked in many universities across Europe, Asia, and Australia.
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Relationship with Miriam Margolyes
  • Heather Sutherland met Miriam Margolyes in the mid-1960s. Sutherland was introduced to Miriam Margolyes by the family members of Australian historian and author Manning Clark. Sutherland and Margolyes started dating in 1967. Though Margolyes knew about her sexual orientation right from her teenage years, it was her relationship with Sutherland that prompted her to discuss her sexuality with her Jewish parents. Despite strong opposition from her parents, Margolyes continued her relationship with Sutherland. The couple then made their relationship official through civil union, which is a legally recognized arrangement similar to marriage. Both Sutherland and Margolyes are devoted to their relationship. In 2013, Margolyes became an Australian citizen in order to spend more time with her partner. In one of her interviews, Margolyes had revealed that her biggest fear is the possibility of dying before Sutherland or witnessing the death of her partner. She also jokingly said that one of the inevitable scenarios could be avoided if they have a suicide pact, quickly adding that Heather Sutherland would not agree to it.
Personal Life
  • Heather Sutherland has been featured in many television shows, where she has discussed her sexual orientation and her relationship with women throughout her life. Sutherland and Margolyes own houses in places like Tuscany, Australia, and London. They also own a holiday house in Yarrawa Hill, which is a perfect retreat for art and nature lovers. The holiday house has a collection of Indonesian artworks handpicked by Heather Sutherland.

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