Kyrie Prince Biography

(Son of Damien Prince & Biannca Raines)

Birthday: December 11, 2016 (Sagittarius)

Born In: USA

Kyrie Prince is the son of Damien Prince and Biannca Raines. Damien and Biannca are popular YouTubers and social media influencers. They have multiple YouTube channels and a prominent presence on other social media platforms as well. Kyrie’s mother became pregnant with him sometime in early 2016 and she and Damien decided that they would vlog through the pregnancy. They even vlogged Kyrie’s birth. The original video has garnered millions of views. Since he was born, Kyrie has been growing up in front of the cameras. He has an older brother and 2 younger sisters. As social media influencers, Kyrie’s parents have encountered their share of controversies. They have been criticized for their parenting skills, how they live their lives, and even for their intelligence. Despite this, the Prince family still maintains their position as one of the biggest family channels on Youtube. They presently have over 9.45 million subscribers and about 2.3 billion views on ‘The Prince Family’ channel and 4.1 million subscribers and about 304 million views on their ‘D&B Nation’ channel.

Quick Facts

Age: 7 Years, 7 Year Old Males


father: Damien Prince

mother: Biannca Raines

siblings: Ayla Faith Prince, DJ Prince, Nova Grace Prince

Born Country: United States

Family Members American Male

City: Fort Wayne, Indiana

U.S. State: Indiana

Family History, Birth, & Infancy

Kyrie was born on December 11, 2016, in the United States of America. He is about two years younger than his older brother DJ, who was born on February 9, 2015. He also has 2 younger sisters named Nova and Ayla who were born in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

His parents Damien and Biannca met in the summer of 2012. During this period, they both worked at a Little Caesars Pizza restaurant in their hometown, Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was not long after that they began dating.

As the relationship developed between the two, they started to encounter various issues, including many relating to their financial situation. At one point, they were completely broke and were forced to leave their apartment and move into a motel. After DJ was born, Biannca once had to ask her mother for money so she could purchase food.

It was Damien’s decision to start a YouTube channel, hoping that it would garner people’s attention and relieve at least some of their financial woes. The original channel, which is now known as D&B Nation, was set up on March 11, 2016, and the oldest video on the channel was posted in June of that year.

The earlier content on Kyrie’s parents’ channel was mostly reaction videos. Soon enough, they became one of the fastest-growing channels on the platform, garnering twenty to twenty-five thousand subscribers every day. Initially, they had named the channel ‘Couple Reacts’ but as they began making other types of videos, such as vlogs, live streams, challenges, Q&As, and pranks, they rebranded it as ‘D&B Nation.’ They eventually had to find themselves a manager as the channel grew exponentially over a period of time. On August 23, 2016, they established another channel, ‘The Prince Family.’

Biannca had become pregnant with Kyrie sometime in early 2016. In November, during her baby shower, Damien proposed to her. During Kyrie’s birth, his parents vlogged through the entire process. The videos garnered millions of views.

In early 2017, the hectic schedule that daily vloggers have to maintain while balancing their personal lives took a toll on Damien and Biannca. After a serious argument that started because Damien was trying to film a prank video, Biannca left their home with Kyrie and DJ. In the ensuing months, they both tried to mend their relationship but nothing seemed to work. Eventually, with the help of their manager, they got back together. Biannca, Kyrie, and DJ subsequently moved back into the house.

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Recent Developments

After Kyrie’s birth, Biannca was diagnosed with postpartum depression or PPD, which is a type of mood disorder that both sexes (predominantly women) can experience after childbirth. Several of the symptoms of the disorder explained Biannca’s behavior at the time.

Biannca and Damien got married in March 2017 but things didn't really go according to their plans. Damien’s father showed up and voiced his objection to the union. The situation only escalated from there as Damien got into a physical altercation with his father and Biannca started crying. Eventually, things did settle down and they were able to complete the ceremony. Since then, the legibility of the entire situation has been questioned by the fans.

In 2017, their channel was apparently taken over by a hacker. However, it turned out to be a prank orchestrated by one of their affiliates, a Las Vegas-based entrepreneur named Brad Lea. In August 2018, Biannca announced that she was pregnant again. On April 29, 2019, the couple welcomed their daughter, Nova Grace Prince. They welcomed their second daughter named Ayla Faith Prince on October 26, 2020.

Kyrie has appeared in most of his parents’ content since his birth. He is a constant feature in their vlogs and often, an active participant. Like his older brother, he is growing up in front of the millions who follow his family channels.

Personal Life

Kyrie is apparently fond of the Marvel superhero Spiderman. As such, he wants to become “Spiderman” when he gets older. He describes pink as his favorite color. One of his favorite hobbies includes playing on the trampoline. His favorite food is chocolate. He has a pet dog named Simon. He also has a cat named Mia. He likes playing video games with Fortnite being one of his favorite titles. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

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