Flippin Brennan Bio


Birthday: November 3, 2002 (Scorpio)

Born In: Colorado, United States

Brennan, or Flippin Brennan as he is popularly known as, might look like an average boy-next-door. After featuring in his sister’s vlog on YouTube, this teenager rose to stardom and grabbed eyeballs. Brennan is also being followed by over 250,000 users on Instagram. Apart from being a sensation on social media, Flippin Brennan equates the sport Water Polo to life, and is also a golfer and swimmer. Apparently, according to his sister, this young lad also aspires to become the president of the United States. His already famous younger sister, Flippin Katie, has amassed over 570,000 subscribers on YouTube with videos and vlogs of their family’s everyday hilarious adventures. It was in one of her Challenge videos that Flippin Brennan first featured and eventually his charming, witty personality struck a chord with the viewers. Flippin Brennan is adored by his fans for his comical-yet-innocent comebacks and reactions, and for all the silly pranks he pulls on his family.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Brennan Donnelly

Age: 21 Years, 21 Year Old Males


father: Mike

mother: Jill

siblings: Flippin Katie, Flippin Ryan

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: Colorado

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
This social media star who usually worked behind the camera, was known as just ‘Brennan’ up until finally featuring on his sister’s channel in a video titled ‘Family Obstacle Course Challenge’. In this video you can see the Flippin siblings along with their folks having a great time at a park.
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His stardom also elevated with the videos of his silly, evil pranks that he pulls on his sister (mostly). In one such hilarious episode, Brennan behaves like a typical older brother by calling his sister’s doll LeBron James and even tries on her swimsuits and other costumes. Hooliganisms like these seldom escape the people’s attention on social media platforms like ‘YouTube’.
Talk about viewers’ demands, Brennan earned more fame by regularly featuring in his sister’s channel, and slowly making his way into his fans’ hearts.
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What Makes the Person So Special
Wit and charm, coupled with innocence and talent, cannot go unnoticed. That’s exactly what made Flippin Brennan the popular guy he is. How can a teen blessed with the abilities of an athlete, golfer, swimmer and a vlogger, not be anything less than special?
His fans cannot help but talk about his innocent, cute smile, and pleasing personality.
The Flippin siblings de facto are a vibrant bunch of fun and talent. It is kind of special to be both smart and silly at the same time. To win a challenge and plan the perfect prank that will certainly drive your siblings mad, that is something! Don’t believe? Surf their channel. You’re welcome.
Beyond Fame
For some, internet has blessed them with name and fame. But for others, internet is just a part of their success story. And in Flippin Brennan’s case, he isn’t just a social media celeb who garnered a lot of acclaim recently. The lad has also been into water polo sports since the age of nine (What were we doing at 9?) and was also applauded for his athletic abilities back then. He has also competed in Junior Olympics and International Competitions in Canada. The maverick youngster is also passionate about golfing and swimming. He also lives by the ‘Live Happy’ motto and is all about making people laugh.
Behind The Curtains
Very less is known about his personal life apart from the siblings’ passion for sports like swimming, and gymnastics. And also about how the Flippin family loves going on vacations, be it ‘Disneyland’ or any other place for that matter. Their YouTube channel generated tons of views and positive responses mostly because of their light-hearted content. The videos have found wide acceptance amongst several families since they could relate with the experiences of Flippin & his folks. The bond between the siblings is quite evident in most of the videos, be it their hilarious pranks or even when they fight over petty stuff. There are some ‘aww’ worthy moments watching the siblings laugh at failures and boldly take on the pranks being pulled on them. There is a rush of joy watching this family of five start a debate over whether or not they spotted an alligator in the lake, celebrating the sister’s championship. The absurd-yet-funny challenges and random bantering are simply a joy to watch.
Flippin Brennan sure has carved his niche in the media-world and there is not a single doubt that this teenager will take the YouTube world by storm. All the best, kiddo!

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