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(Australian YouTube Star)

Birthday: March 11, 2006 (Pisces)

Born In: Australia

EmilyKitty is a "YouTuber" from Australia. She is known for her gacha videos that she posts on her ‘YouTube’ channel. The word "gacha" means a capsule-toy vending machine, and in the world of animation, it is basically a set of characters custom-created for gacha video games. EmilyKitty is a gacha studio gamer and primarily creates gacha characters for music videos and animated comic strips on her channel. Her personality traits usually inspire her gacha characters. EmilyKitty has not shown her face to her fans yet, and she might never do that. The reason for this is still unknown. She has still managed to earn an impressive social-media fan base and is looking forward to surpassing a million 'YouTube' subscribers.

EmilyKitty set up her 'YouTube' channel on January 23, 2017, and posted the first video, “Channel Teaser Trailer,” the following month. Previously, the channel was named 'EmilyKitty64.' EmilyKitty is a huge gacha games fan and thus made it the primary subject of her channel's content. She creates gacha characters and spins stories around them. She sometimes uses the character to share her thoughts and experiences. Her gacha characters represent a part of her personality.
EmilyKitty has been in the social-media arena for quite some time now but has not revealed her face yet. However, in August 2018, she posted a video titled 'Exposing Emily Kitty's bootiful face (NOT HATING),' which apparently showed her face. The video was posted after she surpassed 100 thousand subscribers. Some of the videos on the channel that have crossed a million “views” are 'The Zombie Song ~ Gacha Life Music Video ~ Remake,' 'Things That Annoy Me In Gacha Videos,' 'Upgrading to Offline ~ GachaVerse Mini Movie,' 'School Surprise ~ Gacha Studio Movie,' 'Baldi's Basics The Musical ~ GachaVerse Music Video,' and 'Doki Doki Literature Club! ~ Gacha Studio Speededit.' The video titled 'Loser Like Me ~ Gacha Studio Music Video' has garnered over two million “views” to date, the highest on the channel. EmilyKitty’s love for gacha has earned her more than 263 thousand 'YouTube' subscribers to date. She got the idea to make gacha videos after watching a gacha meme cringe compilation by Malaysian "YouTuber" Shadow Kinokawa.
EmilyKitty owns an 'Instagram' page where she posts gacha pictures. She has earned over 64 thousand 'Instagram' followers to date.
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Personal Life
EmilyKitty was born on March 11, 2006, in Australia. She likes to be called Emmy. She does not speak much about her personal life. She appears to be a secretive person who does not reveal much about herself. However, some sources once revealed that she mostly remains depressed, although none of those sources revealed the reason that caused her depression. Some of her audiences have made some wild guesses that something that might have happened to EmilyKitty in school must have caused her depression. This could also be one of the reasons she does not show her face. She had once posted a couple of quotes about depression on one of her social-media accounts. EmilyKitty has also mentioned about her love for cookies. She does not believe in starting a relationship soon after meeting someone. Some of her favorite "YouTubers" are Memeulous, Arlo, Quackity, and Alpharad. When not making gacha videos, EmilyKitty enjoys playing 'Smash Ultimate.' She loves cats, and that made her add “Kitty” to her online pseudonym. EmilyKitty’s favorite original characters are 'Vincent,' 'Pandora,' and 'Zeke.'

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