Emily Jade Bio

(British YouTube Star and Beauty Vlogger)

Birthday: April 19, 2001 (Aries)

Born In: London

Emily Jade is a British YouTuber. Her YouTube tutorials and videos are mainly focused on glamorous quotients. She has over 293K subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is good at DIY stuff and has a great fashion sense which is evident from her videos. She is one of the vloggers for the SevenSuperGirls channel along with Jazzy, Mimi, Jenua, Katherine, Kaelyn, and Rachael. Like Our2ndLife, SSG is a combined YouTube channel run by these seven independent vloggers. A highly successful vlogger, Emily uploads videos relating to everyday stuff like makeup hacks, DIY projects, and more. She has amassed a fair share of fame on Instagram as well and has around 180k followers on the platform.

Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In April

Also Known As: Emily Jade Kilroy

Age: 22 Years, 22 Year Old Females


siblings: Ruby Jade

Born Country: England

City: London, England

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Emily Jade, a regular, girl-next-door, uploaded her first YouTube video, ‘How I Edit My Instagram Photos’ in February 2013. Her popularity began increasing exponentially when she started posting beauty and haircare videos online. Emily uploads videos with relatable themes like early morning routines, how-to-dress videos, makeup and hair care hacks, and the like. In addition, she maintains a very relatable vibe with her audience, and it is this honesty which makes her fans love her! Emily completed ten years as a YouTube vlogger on February 6, 2023, with over 293,000 subscribers! She has never looked back since. She has also enjoyed a successful run on TikTok, amassing around 400k followers and 20.8 million likes on her account.

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What Makes Emily Jade So Special

Emily Jade is aware of the fact that most of her audience is made up of young teenage girls, so she always tries to use her influence for good. She loves making YouTube videos that will help girls her age deal successfully with situations in real life, juggling school with other activities, and everything else! Her personal philosophy is ‘Never give up something that you love’ which is what drives her to create YouTube videos, as it is a passion for her. Like any other teenager, she loves fantasy stories as attested by several of the themes of her videos. The best part of her vlogs is that she makes extremely relatable videos that her audience can try for themselves at home. These include creative Christmas gifts, fashion hacks using scraps, studying tips, things to do when you are bored, food reviews, and more—practically everything a regular girl could ask for! Emily Jade also includes her daily routines, as her fans are often anxious to know what she does and how. She encourages her viewers to study first and have fun later, a trait she herself has!

Beyond Fame

In her school days, Emily Jade studied art, drama, English, Maths, and Physics out of which Drama was her favorite subject. She is very punctual in life and likes to stay ahead of the clock as she doesn’t like being late. She is very disciplined and is very particular about arranging her room in a presentable manner. She likes to complete her work and chores as soon as possible so that she can spend the rest of her time on her hobbies and on social media. She is obsessed with trying out new things and sharing them on social media.

Behind the Curtains

Emily Jade likes raw foods, her favorite fruit being avocado. She likes to hang out on her various social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. She likes spending time on her phone and Macbook. She owns an iPhone, which she is particularly fond of. Her favorite band is One Direction. Emily is not a morning person, i.e., she generally likes to take a long night’s sleep. According to her, good sleep can make the day better as it makes her feel fresh throughout the day. She says she is very obsessed with her hairstyle and doesn’t like her hair getting icky and matted. She keeps flipping her hair which she thinks people find annoying. She describes her worst nightmare as one where she gets bad makeup and she is not able to remove it!

Emily Jade earlier dated Archie Sootheran. In March 2021, uploaded a video with her boyfriend, Leo. However, the couple later parted ways.


Emily has a dog named ‘Lola’ and a cat named ‘Charlie.’

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