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(American Tattoo Artist and Reality TV Star Known for Her Known for Her TV Show ‘Black Ink Crew')

Birthday: February 25, 1984 (Pisces)

Born In: Lincolnton, NC

Dutchess Lattimore is a famous tattoo artist and leading star of Vh1’s reality TV show “Black Ink Crew” of North Carolina. Owner of the tattoo studio ‘Pretty N Ink’, Lattimore was nick named “Dutchess of Ink” for her love of tattoos. But this Dutchess is so much more than what you see in edited blocks of content on your televisions every Monday. A respected name in the ink industry, an entrepreneur & business owner, Lattimore is a highly educated celebrity. She is a proud Aggie alumnus and has been successful on the ramp and print media as well. As a successful fashion model, Dutchess has been featured in print publications such as Inked and Urban Ink. While we all are privy to the highs and lows of her public relationship on “Black Ink Crew”, many of us do not know the personal challenges Lattimore has overcome in pursuit of becoming an esteemed member of the ink community. With a fan following of 1.1m followers on Instagram, over 110k on twitter, and over 167k followers on Facebook, this African-American celebrity wishes to use her position wisely and give back to her community and contribute to the society in every way she can.
Quick Facts

Also Known As: Crystana Lattimore

Age: 39 Years, 39 Year Old Females


father: Ricky

mother: Crystal

siblings: RJ, Zandrea

Business Women Reality TV Personalities

Height: 1.70 m

U.S. State: North Carolina

Personal Life
Dutchess Lattimore was born Crystana Lattimore to African-Amercian parents in Feb 1984 in Lincolnton, North Carolina, USA. She was raised in Harlem, New York. From an early age Crystana was known to be fond of art, colors and painting which eventually translated into her professional tattoo skills.
In her growing years, Crystana would often be found painting various shapes and designs on her hands and arms, something her parents disliked. Thinking that it was just a childhood hobby, her parents thought it would pass by with time, but that was not to happen. Coming from a community that faces a lot of struggle in establishing itself, her parents pressed for Lattimore to focus on her education, but Lattimore would prove them wrong.
Always a bright student, Lattimore never undermined the importance of education. While Lattimore wished to study art at Spelman in Georgia, Atlanta, a sudden death rocked her family and she decided to stay closer to her parents shaken by the incident.
However, she did manage to manage books, ink and needles simultaneously and soon carved a name for herself in the ink community. Crystana went on to graduate cum laude from North Carolina A&T. Thereafter, she even went onto earn a management degree in Business Management with a concentration in Visual Art. It was in school that Dutchess realized her love and passion for tattoo and decided to pursue a career in this field. After a fair bit of struggle, Lattimore’s hard work and dedication paid off making her one of the few African-American female tattoo artists in North Carolina.
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Inked Her Destiny
Soon after Lattimore established herself as a tattoo artist, she decided to move to New York City, in 2010, to continue to refine and perfect her craft. She not only landed herself a job at Black Ink, a popular tattoo parlor in the Harlem neighborhood of New York, but she even became part of the reality show “Black Ink Crew” on Vh1. The show deals with the daily operations of a professional tattoo shop as well as the lives of its staff members and clientele. Lattimore grabbed attention on the show because of her romantic involvement with Black Ink owner Caesar, and her spitfire attitude.
After creating a name in the television industry, she went on to follow her real dream. In 2015, she opened her very own Tattoo parlor, Pretty-N-Ink in Charlotte, NC. Before Black Ink Crew, Dutchess tried her hand at modeling and runway shows. She even bagged the 1st spot at the 2010 Boston Tattoo Convention Beauty Pageant.
Romantic Linkups
Dutchess began dating Black Ink shop owner Caesar Emanuel, after joining his shop. Despite Caesar’s hot headedness, their passion for the art of Tattoo kept the couple together. Their off and on relationship led many viewers to believe that they would eventually get married at some point. But alas, that did not happen. In 2017, Dutchess Lattimore posted an Instagram pic of herself and NFL player, Zack Sanchez, sparking a fire that she has moved on from Caesar. Viewers were in for a surprise as Lattimore called it off with Caesar via Instagram. Sadly, her relationship with Zack hit the rocks, even before taking off! It is rumored that Zack dumped the tattoo queen over snapchat.
Beyond Stardom & Fame
Unlike other celebrities who like to ride high on their achievements and celeb status, this star stands apart. Dutchess Lattimore is known to support the representation of the African-American community in mainstream media. She has not let the fame to get to her head and silently continues on her mission to give back to her society. She is known to mentor and participate in monthly community events and wishes to use her celebrity status to empower the black community in every way possible.

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