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All about American Pop singer and internet celebrity Devin Gordon, including his age, birthday, family life, girlfriends, net worth, and some fun facts.

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Birthday: November 17, 2000

Nationality: American

Famous: Pop Singers American Men

Age: 19 Years, 19 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Scorpio

Born in: New York

Famous as: Pop Singer


siblings: Jazzy, Lucki Starr

U.S. State: New Yorkers

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We are living in an age where anybody with access to a recorder, an editing suite and the internet can broadcast themselves to the world as a self-proclaimed artist. You don't have to wait for someone's validation or support to make it big. All it takes is the courage of your convictions and the drive to follow your aspirations. It's a double-edged sword, really. While it makes easier for real talent to get its due recognition, it also leads to a surfeit of mediocrity. The world of teen pop/R&B has witnessed a surge in the rise of many gifted young artists in the past few years, thanks largely to social media. Of course, mediocrity too had its moment in the sun, but not for too long. Among the many exciting talents to have emerged in the past few years is the popular R&B/teen pop group, 'The Bomb Digz' - a trio renowned for their great covers and remixes of hit songs. Here is a sneak-peek into the inner world of one of the core members of the up-and-coming band, Devin Gordon.

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What Makes Devin Gordon So Special
  • It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Devin Gordon is the group's de facto leader. He is certainly the most popular without a shadow of doubt - besides being the face of the band, he is also the most followed across all social platforms. This could be owing to the fact that besides being a uniquely gifted singer, Gordon exudes a certain amount of charisma that's hard to miss. He definitely seems to be a lot more laid-back than his peers, and has this air of sensibility about him that is the hallmark of a natural leader.
  • These attributes have served him well throughout his career, and will continue to define Gordon as an artist and a public persona.
Beyond Fame
  • The band's phenomenal rise coalesced with Devin Gordon's own transition, and in just two years, he has gone on to add some impressive achievements to his resume. An appearance in the music video for Beyonce's 'Let's Move' is perhaps the icing on the cake, closely followed by some prestigious television commercials and coveted international modelling campaigns.
  • So far, the band has performed at prestigious events like the Pop Nation Tour (in 2015), the US Open, Vidcon and even at the Barclay Centre. The achievementsare all the more impressive when you consider how young Gordon and his friends are - they're all just 16!
Behind the Curtains
  • A true-blue New Yorker, Devin Gordon is not the only one in his family with an artistic bent of mind. His older sister, Lucki Starr, is a pop/R&B artist with a considerable fan following. Starr is occasionally featured in the Bomb Digz covers as a guest artist. Gordon also has a younger sister named Jazzy.
  • The emergence of a loyal group of admirers who call themselves the 'Digaz' has taken Gordon and his friends to the next level of pop stardom. The trio, who recently released their first original single, ‘Get Used To This’, are all set to take the music world by storm as they move from recording scintillating cover versions and remixes to producing original music. Their immense potential, coupled with their penchant for inventiveness (the trio famously coined a zany catch word, 'Gizzy') should stand them in good stead in the years to come, and it's only fitting that Devin Gordon is at the helm as the Bomb Digz prepare for fresh challenges and exciting musical adventures.
  • Gordon and his mates coined the quirky catch word, 'Gizzy'.

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