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(YouTube Star)

Birthday: June 16, 1996 (Gemini)

Born In: England

Amberry is a gamer and ‘YouTube’ vlogger from England. She primarily creates content using the theme of the multiplayer gaming platform 'Roblox' for her ‘YouTube’ channel. Amberry has been able to build up a significant fan base on social media due to her innovative concept of fusing gaming and vlogging. She creates vlogs but presents them through the 'Roblox' theme. Amberry initially created several regular vlogs without revealing her face until her channel earned a certain number of subscribers. Her fan base grew after she showed her face. Amberry often collaborates with her younger sister, who is also a popular 'Roblox' gamer and vlogger. The 'Roblox' sisters have been featured in several videos on each other's channels. Amberry is relatively less active on other social-media platforms.
Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In June

Boyfriend: Roblox gamer Richerry

Age: 27 Years, 27 Year Old Females


children: Olive

Rise to Fame
Amberry began her gaming career on social media with ‘YouTube.’ She launched her channel on March 31, 2017, and uploaded her first video, 'BOYFRIEND VS GIRLFRIEND IN FASHION FRENZY | ROBLOX,' in May that year. The channel is dedicated to ‘Roblox.’ Amberry designs her 'Roblox' games and then presents them in the form of vlogs. Her videos are regular fun vlogs, such as storytime videos, travel diaries, and “get ready with me” videos, but they are presented through the 'Roblox' theme. She shares her experiences through the 'Roblox' characters that she creates for her channel's content. She has even done a Q&A video with her sister, Phoeberry. They answered her fans' questions while playing their own 'Roblox' characters. This unique way of vlogging has earned Amberry a substantial fan base and has helped her grow as a gamer and a vlogger. There are a few videos on her channel that have garnered millions of views. Some of them are 'UNDERCOVER NOOBS | NOOB VS PRO | ROBLOX SOCIAL EXPERIMENT,' 'DANCE YOUR BLOX OFF HIP HOP DUO ROUTINE in Roblox | Hip hop Freestyle | Funny Moments,' 'EVERYDAY ROUTINE AT AMBERRY COFFEE SHOP ☕ | Bloxburg | Roblox Roleplay,' and 'CHRISTMAS EVE FAMILY ROUTINE | Roblox Bloxburg Family.' The videos titled 'SHE KEEPS COPYING ME! | Roblox Fashion Frenzy | Funny Moments' and 'EVERYDAY ROUTINE AS A PRINCESS AT ROYALE HIGH SCHOOL | Roblox Roleplay' have both been viewed by more than two million viewers, making them the two most-viewed videos on the channel.
To celebrate her achievement of having earned 100 thousand subscribers on the channel, Amberry made a “face reveal” video for her fans, who had been desperately requesting her to show her face. The gorgeous gamer did not disappoint her fans and kept her promise. After the “face reveal” video was published, she received a lot of compliments for her looks.
Unfortunately, she is yet to achieve the same fan following that she has on ‘YouTube’ on her other social-media channels. She owns a ‘Twitter’ page and a joint ‘Instagram’ page with her sister, Phoeberry. The joint ‘Instagram’ page, ‘amberryphoeberry,’ is a non-gaming space.
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Family & Personal Life
Amberry was born on June 16, 1996, In England. She is 4 years older to Pheoberry. Amberry has a daughter named Olive. Though she has mentioned Olive in a few of her ‘YouTube’ videos, Amberry is yet to reveal her face. Amberry has been in a relationship with 'Roblox' gamer Richerry.

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