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Case Kenny is an internet entrepreneur who is the host of ‘New Mindset, Who Dis podcast’—an iTunes top ranked podcast. He is also the creator of Prsuit, a top email newsletter. Check out this biography to know more about him.

Quick Facts

Birthday: April 5, 1988

Nationality: American

Famous: Internet Entrepreneurs American Men

Age: 32 Years, 32 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Aries

Born Country: United States

Born in: Chicago, United States

Famous as: Internet Entrepreneur

City: Chicago, Illinois

U.S. State: Illinois


More Facts

education: University of Notre Dame

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Case Kenny is an internet entrepreneur who is completely in sync with the millennium pulse, and has taken the concept of side hustle to a whole new level. At his core, he considers himself a writer first and then a content creator. After graduation, he gained experience working for enterprises in publishing, advertising and digital marketing sector. Putting those life lessons to use, he began ‘Prsuit’, initially an online publication, that showcased his writing along with that of other writers from across the globe. Today Prsuit, besides being a well-monetized platform, is essentially an email newsletter that offers transparent, zero-fluff perspectives and stories by more than 500 contributors worldwide for fellow millennials. Hungry for more, he co-founded Trep Media Group, a digital first platform that now publishes Prsuit, HDF Magazine and the podcast – The Hustle Sold Separately. He also does his personal podcast called ‘The New Mindset, Who Dis’, which ranks among the Top 50 podcasts in the US.

Childhood & Early Life
  • Case Kenny was born on 5 April 1988, in Chicago, but he spent much of his childhood in the state of Virginia. His father was a consultant while his mother was a lawyer. He has a brother who is a doctor.
  • A voracious reader, he got his flair for writing from his mother who was also an author. Graduating from the University of Notre Dame in 2011, he majored in East Asian languages and cultures, and Middle East studies. While at the university, he gained experience working at a small technology service consultant office and even interned for Shanghai’s All Bright Law Offices.
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The Prsuit Pivot
  • In February 2014, he started as a blog with an open contribution system for curated and original content written by him and 500 plus other contributors that included reputed bloggers like Mark Mason, Gary Vaynerchuk and James Altucher. The content was upbeat and motivational and in general made millennials see the best this generation has to give.
  • However, he soon realised that the fortunes of his blog depended heavily on volatile search parameter algorithms of Google and Facebook. After much contemplation, in 2017, he finally decided to move Prsuit’s business model from website content to a daily email newsletter format. The pivot was more a studied move than an instinctive one.
  • He investigated media companies like The Skimm, New York Times and The Hustle that cater to large audiences and found them all leveraging the email platform to their benefit. He decided to follow the same path and in one year, Prsuit’s email newsletter model reached such an extent that it was bringing in revenues more than that of the previous three years combined.
Balancing Day Job & Entrepreneurial Success
  • Case Kenny calls himself a realist in that he is quite happy doing his regular 9 to 5 job that pays for his lifestyle and the remaining time in the day, he divides it between entrepreneurial projects, gym, house chores and Chicago nightlife. He is currently the Sales Director at Amobee, a company specializing in mobile advertising technology.
  • Working the regular 9 to 5 grind, he still found time to make Prsuit an email subscription success story that today, boasts of nearly 700,000 page-views per month with monetary value for him and motivational value for his reader base.
  • While working full-time, he and Matt Gotesmann co-created a digital first publishing platform, Trep Media Group that owns and operates a range of social properties like online publications and podcasts and distributes content through these channels to driven millennials in the age group of 21-37 years.
  • HDF Magazine is a Trep Media brand which documents the ‘hustle’ of global entrepreneurs on the rise, through in-depth interviews. Its Instagram account ‘@hdfmagazine’ features memorable quotes straight from the site’s interviews as well as those of Matt Gotesmann himself.
  • Additionally, his webinar, ‘Accelerate Your Brand’ provides entrepreneurial tips to interested viewers.
Success With Podcasts
  • ‘The Hustle Sold Separately’ is Trep Media Group’s weekly podcast where Matt Gotesmann and Case Kenny interview upcoming global content creators and online entrepreneurs. It ranks top of charts for podcasts in multiple countries around Europe and North America.
  • ‘The New Mindset, Who Dis’ is his personal podcast started in June 2018 where he shares his ideas, struggles and perspectives in a manner that is transparent, fluff free and relevant. Resonating with millennials, it ranks among the top 50 US podcasts consistently.
Achievements & Fun Facts
  • Case has been featured in Forbes, Inc and Chicago Tribune, and his brainchild, Prsuit was named as a top email newsletter in Entrepreneur Mag.
  • A polyglot, he speaks Arabic, Hindi, Urdu and Mandarin apart from his native English language. He loves house music, chipotle, ripped jeans and 8-lettered license plates.

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