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Caleb Loga Leblanc was part of the YouTube vlogging channel Bratayley, which at the time had over 2 million subscribers. Know more about this famous American YouTuber and vlogger; his family life, death, fun trivia facts and more.

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Wheels and Baked Potato

Birthday: July 13, 2002

Nationality: American

Died At Age: 13

Sun Sign: Cancer

Also Known As: Caleb Logan Bratayley

Born in: Georgia

Famous as: YouTube Star

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father: Billy

mother: Katie

siblings: Juliana Grace and Hayley Noelle

Died on: October 1, 2015

U.S. State: Georgia

More Facts

education: He was being homeschooled

Popularity Index
Vloggers #694
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Caleb Logan Leblanc was too young to die, but in the short span, he had managed to gain much fame that would help him to be remembered for a lifetime. He was a part of the famous YouTube family ‘The Bratayleys’ who have amused nearly three million subscribers. Bratayley is a popular family vlogging channel. This channel stars all the three kids of the family. They share their “daily” life in this platform. Caleb and his sisters were homeschooled and were therefore always around to upload the videos any time of the day. It was his mom and dad’s job to document him at that time.
Sadly Caleb’s death is not the only tragedy that the family was dealing with. Back in October 2013, they announced the death of Caleb’s cousin David Cooper. But this time it was harder to deal with. It is hard to believe that things could have changed so harshly in the mere hours following the time Caleb uploaded his last YouTube video. In addition, within few hours the news of his death hit the globe. The family confirmed that the death was natural and the syndrome was hereditary. Caleb, who had great love for baseball and video games, was loved globally. His death came as a shock to many of his fans and in order to honor him they wore purple on 1st October and 13th July, writing his name on their wrist. Some of his organs were donated and his family received a Hero Bear. His funeral was live streamed by his family. During one of their family vlogs, it was revealed that a star was to be named after Caleb in his honor.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom
  • Caleb’s journey to fame was totally unexpected. The family vlogging channel was actually made for Hayley, wherein all the three kids became a part of. It is yet impenetrable that Caleb Logan is actually dead. Caleb was only 13 when the news hit the headlines. Still in his time in Bratayleys, he was successful in making people love him.
  • Caleb was the breakout YouTube star of his family. Their family YouTube channel consists of mostly every day, middle-class American family life: baseball games, baking, and trampolining. The most attractive part of their videos was the titles used by them. Titles like, ‘Just Hangin’ Around The House’, and ‘Sick In Plane’ sounded like daily life stories. This YouTube family’s most watched video ‘I’m Never Going At The Park Again’ has raked up to 23 million views and their fan base spreads in multiple platforms: Vine, Instagram, and Facebook. They presently have more than two million subscribers.
  • Caleb Logan Leblanc was the owner of his own channel “Blazenoutlaws” and he usually uploaded Minecraft videos. Caleb also had another channel, FlimsyArrow, on which he posted about playing the video game Minecraft. That channel had over 113,000 subscribers. Not only this, he also starred in a channel ‘Truthplusdare’ with his sister. He then launched a channel collaborating with his sisters by the name ‘OMMyGoshTV’.
  • Caleb used to be the Monday spot on YouTube channel called truthplusdare, which was again run by Bratayleys. On truthplusdare every week, they get a dare and truth and they have to do the truthplusdare. Truthplusdare today has more than 170,000 subscribers.
  • Logan left this channel to join ‘OMMyGoshTV’, where in every week there will be a theme. The theme will be hidden in the video and the members of the channel will chose a random person, if the person is able to guess the theme right they provide them a shoutout. OMMyGoshTV has more than lakh subscribers. Their introductory video had more than three lakh views.
  • The last video in which Logan starred was uploaded the day after his death. It was titled ‘Dear future Self’, featuring Caleb answering a question his fan had asked him, the very same question that he would have asked his future self. After pausing for ten seconds, he jokes: “Is Taco Bell Still Around?” The well-known sports–fan then adds that he wonders whether more sports would be invented. He signs off by saying “See You Guys Tomorrow”. The video ended with a message showing that Caleb would never know what future had stored for him. It also had a note for every parent to kiss their child and let them know that they are loved every moment because no one knows what day will be their last.
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What Made Caleb Logan Leblanc So Special
  • Caleb was a very hilarious and fun loving person. He could light up the room his wits. In addition, the same quality can be seen in his videos, Caleb’s video in his family vlog was very refreshing and could lighten up any one’s mind. Anyone having a bad day would only have to watch his video to feel fresh.
  • Apart from this he was very lovable and also a down to earth person. He had immense love towards his sisters. He was a constant support system to his sisters. He would find time to play with them and teach them baseball. This proved that he was an apt brother for his sisters.
Beyond Fame
  • The most unfortunate event that ever happened to the Bratayley family was the death of their eldest child, Caleb. Unluckily Caleb passed away on October 1 2015 at 19:08 hours due to natural causes, which was later announced as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy which is when the fat surrounding the heart expands. It is said that this syndrome is usually treatable when detected but in his case, it was not detected.
  • The family shared Caleb’s final video on 3 October in which they announced the death Of Caleb. The post said Caleb has passed away from natural causes the previous evening. “This has come as a shock to all of us. Words cannot express how much we will miss him” it read, alongside a picture of Caleb and his sister.

    Thanks u all so muchh

    A video posted by Cant Stop Loving Them Potatoes (@iamabakedpotato) on

  • Caleb’s overnight death created much havoc among his fans and the people around the globe. Online people started questioning this death as mysterious. Under pressure from the internet community and numerous enquires nationally and globally , the Anne Arundel police department released a statement clarifying that no criminal investigation was taking place and there were no suspicious factor or suspicious foul play.
  • The family stayed out of any kind of social media saying that “Bear with us while we deal with this tragedy as a family.” But they eventually did return to social media, saying that they wanted to focus on the celebration of life and not on their private grief of losing their Caleb. Although many are distressed, his family brings him up occasionally, to keep memory alive.
Family & Personal Life
  • Caleb Logan LeBlanc, better known by the name Caleb Logan Bratayley was the eldest son of the Bratayley family. While the family has adopted the online name Bratayley their real family name—LeBlanc—was concealed for a long time due to privacy reasons. The name “Bratayley” came from a nickname for Hayley who was the original creator of the YouTube channel. However, the YouTube channel was soon taken over by the entire family of five members including Caleb’s parents, two sisters and the young YouTuber himself.
  • Caleb’s sisters Annie and Hayley are into gymnastics while he loved baseball. Juliana Grace better known by the name Annie was born on 5 December 2004, she is level 6 gymnastics training for level 7. She originally started her YouTube channel called “Acroanna”, in which she posts gymnastics meets and tutorials. Hayley Noelle was born on 2 September 2008, who is also in gymnastics mini pre team.
  • Caleb loved playing baseball and the nickname he got because of this was ‘Wheels’, while his family members called him ‘Baked Potato. Caleb’s favorite colors were purple and black. He wanted to be a gamer and baseball player in future. The family also has a pet boxer named Piper. It is said that they had five other pets, sadly all of them passed away.

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Last Updated : May 17, 2019
Caleb Logan Leblanc

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