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Benji Krol is a budding Canadian social-media personality. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family, personal life, career, and achievements.

Quick Facts

Birthday: December 14, 2000

Nationality: Spanish

Boyfriend: Jorge Garay

Age: 19 Years, 19 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Also Known As: Benjamin Aleksander Krol

Born Country: Brazil

Born in: Brazil

Famous as: TikTok Star


father: Andre, Andre Krol

mother: Alejandra, Alejandra Krol

siblings: Rowy, Thomas

Popularity Index
Vloggers #267 TikTok Stars #28 Instagram Stars #256
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Benji Krol is a budding social-media personality. He owns a ‘YouTube’ channel where he posts funny videos. His content has brought him a considerable number of subscribers. Although he is still on his way to becoming a prominent vlogger, Benji is quite popular on ‘Instagram.’ He uses the platform extensively to display his photography skills. He posts photos clicked by him on both of his ‘Instagram’ pages. Benji is also a prominent figure on ‘TikTok,’ where he has millions of fans who have generously showered their love and support to the young social-media influencer.

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Rise to Fame
  • Benji ventured into the social-media arena through vlogging. He launched his self-titled ‘YouTube’ channel on March 1, 2014. However, Benji posted for the first time in March 2018. Titled 'Whats on my phone???,' the video was based on the popular internet trend to sneak into people's mobile phones. In his next video, Benji introduced his “furry friend” to his viewers. The channel is a mixed bag through which Benji primarily publishes vlogs, reactions, and Q&A videos. He documented his first day at school in one of his vlogs. Benji also featured a few of his school friends in the video. However, throughout the vlog, he kept the logo of his school blurred, as he did not want to reveal the name of the school. The channel is still in its initial stage and has managed to earn a little over 69 thousand subscribers to date.
  • Benji owns two ‘Instagram’ accounts. One of them is dedicated to his passion for photography. The page is packed with numerous pictures clicked by Benji, which showcase his potential as a photographer. His second ‘Instagram’ page is a regular one where he uploads random pictures. One of his ‘Instagram’ accounts has a higher number of followers (over 183 thousand) than the other one (close to 40 thousand). Benji has two accounts on ‘TikTok,’ too. In addition to posting on the ‘TikTok’ account named ‘sunrisemusic,’ he also maintains a personal account named 'benjikrol.' His personal account boasts of more than a million fans and over 67 million heart emojis. Benji has collaborated with fellow ‘TikTok’ stars Jadaa Blue, Sophie Sorrells, and Lizy Elizabeth for a competition on the platform.
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Family & Personal Life
  • Benji Krol was born on December 14, 2000, in Brazil, to Andre Krol and Alejandra Krol. His father is English and his mother is Argentinian. Presently, he is based in Madrid, Spain. His full name is Benjamin Aleksander Krol. Benji has been raised alongside his two brothers, Thomas and Rowy. Even though Benji is still on his way to become a prominent ‘YouTube’ blogger, his adorable looks and deep voice have already made him a heartthrob. He is in a relationship with TikToker Jorge Garay.
  • Benji Krol's female fans drool over his style of speaking. Benji watches a lot of other “YouTubers” to get ideas for his content. Some of his favorite “YouTubers” are David Dobrick, Emma Chamberlain, Liza Koshy, and Shane Dawson. Benji loves collecting various kinds of rocks and has now created a pretty good collection which he displays on his desk. If given a choice, Benji would choose to be granted the superpower of flying.

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Last Updated : January 27, 2020
Benji Krol

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