Jorge Garay Bio

(Spanish TikTok Star)

Birthday: November 30, 2001 (Sagittarius)

Born In: Barcelona, Spain

Jorge Garay is a Spanish TikTok star who is famous for his close up videos recorded to the tune of popular songs. He operates under the account name ‘@jeyjeygardi’ on TikTok and has amassed about 1.1 million fans so far. This young video creator has mastered the art of attracting followers by means of videos depicting him dancing, singing along, applying makeup or doing other simple things to a selection of his favorite songs or tunes from Spanish or international pop artists. Another specialty of his TikTok videos is the close up shots of his facial expressions reacting to or singing along to the music of his choice. He also makes comedy videos and cosplay depiction videos. He is often seen collaborating with other TikTok stars on his videos. A lot of his videos also show him playing with his hair, eating or drinking. He is popular with young people on Instagram and Twitter as well. He is just a teenager, but his rise to fame has just begun and more original content can be expected from this talented star in the future.
Jorge Garay is a young social media star who has become famous for his TikTok videos. TikTok is an app for creating and sharing very short videos over the Internet. It was launched in 2017 and became an instant hit with youngsters. He apparently started his TikTok account in 2018 with the name ‘@jeyjeygardi.’ The youngster’s initial videos were related to his resemblance to American actor, Evan Peters. He also did make up videos of himself transforming into the ‘Shrek’ cartoon character. His parents were featured in some of his earliest videos too. His early content also featured his comical expressions and hilarious reactions to everyday scenarios. Most of his initial videos’ accompanying description text was written in Spanish. He is hardly ever heard speaking on any of his videos and fans have often questioned if he can speak in English at all.
His popularity steadily grew as he began amassing more and more fans. He started posting videos of himself dancing and singing along to popular Spanish, Latin American and American hits. He also started adding videos that depicted close up shots of him eating, drinking, making faces or simply quizzically staring at the camera. He reached the 100,000 fans milestone on TikTok in January 2019. He has 1.1 million fans on TikTok and 24.1 million hearts (similar to ‘likes’ on other social media platforms) on his videos.
He has literally shot to fame from his bedroom. Most of the videos of this famous TikTok star are shot on his mobile phone or laptop in his bedroom. His good looks, charming personality and wild unkempt hair are a hit with his fans. His fans have often mistaken him for the American actor, Evan Peters. He has even acknowledged this in some of his TikTok videos. He has often been criticized for the number of hearts he gets for inane videos. For example, he has over 70,000 hearts for a TikTok video of him drinking a glass of water.
He regularly posts new videos on TikTok and they are mostly close up shots of his facial expressions reacting to songs of his choice. A lot of his videos also feature him playing with his hair, combing it, styling it, peeking from underneath it, etc. Many of his recent videos feature bananas, and fans strongly suspect that there is some hidden meaning behind it. All of his TikTok videos feature the name of his chosen background song. He sometimes posts videos of his fans reacting to his videos. He loves to put on make up and indulge in cosplay (dressing up as a character) on his videos. He is also seen collaborating with other TikTokers for his videos. He is seen doing duets with other popular TikTok stars like ‘@punker_irl’, ‘@benjikrol’, ‘@143joannagc’, ‘@addyurdaddy’, ‘@weirdfl3x’, etc.
Jorge Garay is also active on other social media platforms. Whenever he posts a new video on TikTok, he informs his fans about it on Instagram and Twitter as well. He started his Instagram account simultaneously with his TikTok account in 2018. He has over 331,000 followers on Instagram and more than 3500 followers on Twitter. He has mentioned that he will be launching his own online merchandise store soon. This social media star is still a teenager, but is set to win millions of more fans with his creative content and likeable personality.
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Family & Personal Life
Jorge Garay was born on November 30, 2001, in Barcelona, Spain. Details about his mother, father, siblings and other relatives are not publicly available. His school, education and other details are also not available in the public domain. He seems to be single, but concrete details about his romantic and dating life cannot be confirmed at this time.
He seems to be completely focused on building his social media career and collaborating with other famous TikTok users to gain more followers and hearts.
He currently lives in Barcelona, Spain with his family.

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