Belle Delphine Biography

Belle Delphine is a cosplayer and baby doll model from South Africa. Check out this biography to know about her birthday, childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about her.

Quick Facts

Birthday: October 23, 1999

Nationality: British, South African

Famous: British Women South African Women

Age: 20 Years, 20 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Libra

Born Country: South Africa

Born in: South Africa

Famous as: Cosplayer

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Belle Delphine is a cosplayer, baby doll model, and social media personality from South Africa. She has gained popularity for her Instagram account, on which she posts photographs of herself in fairy and kitten costumes. Delphine became active on social media sometime in the mid-2010s. The oldest photograph on her Instagram was posted in March 2015. She also has a popular YouTube channel with tens of thousands of subscribers. She is especially known for posting Japanese ahegao photos. In March 2018, Delphine created the patron page, ‘Belle Delphine is creating photos and lewd content’, so that her fans can support her more directly.

Rise to Fame
  • When Delphine was 14 years old, she began posting photographs of her cosplay on her Facebook page. After she turned the follower option on, the page grew rapidly. Over the course of the subsequent two to three years, she had accumulated over a hundred thousand followers. During this period, her followers were predominantly girls.
  • A few years later, she purchased a campervan and spent a month travelling around France. When she finally returned, she did not know what to do with her life. She knew that she did not want to have a conventional career. She felt completely lost at the time. Delphine eventually took the decision to pursue a career as a social media personality.
  • She did not own a proper phone until she was 18 years old and had to purchase one to use Instagram. The oldest selfie on her Instagram was uploaded on March 28, 2015. Between March and July 2015, she posted content on Instagram on a regular basis.
  • However, it is since September 2018 that she has become really active on the platform. She has garnered several million followers because of her NSFW content. Her posts are often photographs and videos of her cosplaying as various characters from Japanese anime and manga. She also works as a baby doll model. Some of her posts are ahegao photos.
  • She created her YouTube channel on July 30, 2016, and has posted only two videos till date. Despite this, it has grown exponentially since its inception. Delphine also has a TikTok account under the username belle.delphine_ and has accumulated tens of thousands of fans and hundreds of thousands of hearts on it.
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Scandals & Controversies
  • Delphine has attracted criticism for the sensitive nature of her content. While she has become immensely popular for her videos and photographs, she dresses up like an underage girl and performs acts that are extremely suggestive.
Family & Personal Life
  • Belle Delphine was born on October 23, 1999, in South Africa and later relocated to London, England, where she was raised. Little is known about her family and education. When she was 13 years old, she began working at a coffee shop. Later, she was employed at a restaurant as a waitress. She also cleaned dishes in a kitchen after school for six months. After she turned 16, she distributed babysitting leaflets to her neighbours. As a nanny, she has worked for several families in her area.

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