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Birthday: December 20, 1983 (Sagittarius)

Born In: Georgia, United States

BatDad is a popular American social-media influencer. He is known for creating videos while dressed as 'Batman.' His videos mostly feature him helping his children with their daily activities such as eating vegetables, going to school, and dressing up, while he amuses them, dressed as 'Batman.' He also speaks to them in a husky voice to make his acts look more real. BatDad initially began making videos on 'Vine.' After the application was taken down, he started making videos for his 'YouTube' channel. He earned millions of followers on 'Vine.' The compilations on his channel, too, have millions of “views.” BatDad’s wife also features in his videos.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Blake Wilson

Age: 40 Years, 40 Year Old Males


children: Ben Wilson, Kaya Wilson, Sienna Wilson, Taylor Wilson

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: Georgia

Social Media Fame
BatDad had never planned to venture into the social-media arena. He was hit by the idea during a family trip. BatDad and his wife were out shopping for toys when he saw a 'Batman' mask at a store. He bought the mask for just $10. As soon as they got into the car, he began making videos wearing the mask. He instantly named himself “BatDad,” which later became his online moniker. What started as a joke later became a full-fledged career. Over the years, BatDad has earned a massive fan base.
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BatDad initially uploaded his videos on 'Vine.' He posted his first three "Vines" on August 1, 2013. His videos feature him wearing the 'Batman' mask, speaking in a husky voice, and simultaneously parenting his children. The theme attracted a lot of viewers, and BatDad eventually became popular. His parenting style, while dressed as 'Batman,' soon became a hit. However, he never intended to provide any parenting skills to his viewers. BatDad soon accumulated over 3.5 million followers on 'Vine.'
After 'Vine' was shut down, BatDad began making videos for his 'YouTube' channel, 'BatDad and Family.' The channel was created in September 2013. The first video on the channel was a compilation of his "Vines" and has now garnered over 13 million “views,” the highest on the channel. In December 2016, BatDad posted a compilation of all the 'Vine' videos he had ever made till then and titled it 'BATDAD - EVERY VINE WE EVER MADE MASSIVE COMPILATION.' The compilation has garnered over a million “views” to date. BatDad’s channel has earned more than 633 thousand subscribers. His 'Instagram' posts have earned him over a million followers on the platform. BatDad has a 'Twitter' page, too, but has not “tweeted” yet. Despite that, the page has around 101 thousand followers.
BatDad mostly films in his family car. He also creates skits that are shot in his house. His signature clothing and gifts are available on '' BatDad was part of an interview with American TV host Carson Daly. The interview was part of the 'Orange Room' segment of the American morning talk show 'The Today Show.'
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Personal Life
BatDad was born on December 20, 1983, in Georgia. His real name is Blake Wilson. He currently lives with his family in Roswell, Georgia. BatDad owns a 'Chevrolet Tahoe.'
BatDad is married to Jen, who also features in his videos. They have four children, namely, Ben, Sierra, Taylor, and Kaya. Ben and Sierra are twins. All his children feature as main characters in his videos.

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