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Quick Facts

Birthday: January 26, 2006

Nationality: American

Age: 14 Years, 14 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Born in: Texas

Famous as: YouTuber


father: Mark Cole

mother: Shona Cole

siblings: Laura, Lily, Mark Adam, Matthew, Max

U.S. State: Texas

Popularity Index
Vloggers #138 Social Media Stars #662 Instagram Stars #287
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Annie Rose Cole is a popular YouTuber who has two channels of her own, ‘Annie's Vlogs’ and ‘Annie Rose’, and she is also the co-host of the channel ‘Annie & Hope Jazzy Girl Stuff’ which she created with her best friend. Hope. She posts family friendly content about her own life on her channel. Her videos are primarily focused on tween girls, but are enjoyed by a large group of audience of both genders. Her channels contain vlogging videos mostly, DIY videos, challenges, room decorating and shopping videos. She films for her channel at least two days a week, usually on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Her schedule is to post one video on each of her three channels every week, and then to post a bonus vlog on "Annie's Vlogs". She started taking Christian Youth Theater (CYT) After School classes in early 2016. A few weeks later she auditioned for the first time for Aladdin.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom
  • Annie used to watch a lot of YouTube videos with her best friend Hope even before she created her own channel. One day after Christmas, Annie and Hope playfully filmed their first video and decided to upload it to YouTube, like other famous vloggers they watched. They first created the channel ‘Annie & Hope Jazzy Girl Stuff’ in January 2015 and started posting videos in the next month. The channel initially had a different name, but Hope's mother suggested the name change after the channel started to gain viewers as well as subscribers. It took them just over four months to reach 1000 subscribers. After a few months, Annie created her own vlogging channel, ‘Annie's Vlogs’. She also created another channel the next year, named ‘Annie Rose’. ‘Annie & Hope Jazzy Girl Stuff’ has over 98k subscribers while the other two channels have 130k and 61k subscribers respectively.
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What Makes Annie So Special
  • Annie's YouTube channels, which provide a peek into the life of the preteen girl, are hugely popular to young viewers. Besides her vlog entries, she often posts Q&A videos to let her fans know more about her life. She is kind of a neat freak and likes her room to be clean and tidy. She can be seen organizing her room in many of her videos. She also loves to go shopping. She very often posts shopping videos and then videos of her redecorating her room with the new items. She loves to cook, even though she doesn't always get the opportunity. She has a songbook and loves to write songs. "Little Toy Guns" by Carrie Underwood is one of her favorite songs. Alice in Wonderland is her favorite movie, and she always makes sure to mention that it is the motion picture one, not the cartoon movie. Her sister was a full time gymnast and she learned a lot of tricks from her. She is an animal person and currently has five pets, three cats and two dogs.
Beyond Fame
  • Annie was inspired to start her own vlogging channel by Casey Neistat & Bethany Mota in the summer of 2015. Annie loves to watch Miranda Sings, Brooklyn & Bailey, Alisha Marie, Claudia Sulewski, and many more. Claudia Sulewski is her favorite YouTuber. On her 10th birthday, she went to see Colleen Evans a.k.a. Miranda Sings live during the Miranda Sings Tour 2016. She made a two part vlog to capture the whole journey on her YouTube channel.
Behind The Curtains
  • Annie is the fourth child of Mark Cole and Shona Cole. She was born on January 26, 2006, in Texas, USA, where she lives with her family. Annie is from a big family and has five siblings. She has three older siblings, Matthew, Lily and Laura, and two younger siblings, Max and Mark Adam. Her father is the Vice chairman of the Board of Directors of Montgomery County Hospital District. Her mother is of Irish origin and the whole family goes to visit her relatives in Dublin every summer. Annie is homeschooled and has never gone to a fulltime public school. However, she attends a co-op school named PACES which she goes to only once every week, on Tuesdays. She is in the 6th grade. Annie's channels are moderated by her mother who reads the comments on the channels regularly and deletes the mean comments. Other than their joint channel "Annie & Hope Jazzy Girl Stuff", Annie's best friend Hope often appears on Annie's personal channels too. Annie first met Hope in the church where both their families go regularly.
  • After one of her kittens, Cookie, passed away, she went to adopt a dog but ended up adopting another cat which looked exactly like her dead cat.

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Last Updated : March 29, 2018
Annie Rose Cole

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