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(YouTube Star)

Birthday: February 20, 1993 (Pisces)

Born In: Liverpool

AJ3Fifa is the online alias of British YouTube gamer Andy Castell, who is best known for uploading FIFA videos, especially Ultimate team squad builders, pack openings, discard pack challenges, myth busters and other FIFA related content. Apart from his primary channel 'AJ3Fifa', he also has a second channel with his real name. In late 2015, he changed his social media name to AJ3, omitting the 'Fifa' from it, as he did not want to limit his content to one game only. In August 2013, he was featured on Soccer AM, a British football-based talk show on Sky Sports. In 2015, he reached the 100K subscriber milestone, to celebrate which he did a '100k Subs Special Q&A' and giveaway. After hitting 250k subscribers on YouTube, he did a sibling challenge video with his sister in March 2015. He was part of the Creators FC, a squad of YouTube creators, which played the first game in February 2017. His channel reached 1 million subscribers in July 2017, following which he did a charity live-stream to support HIV affected youths in Africa.
Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In February

Girlfriend: Katie

Also Known As: Andy Castell

Age: 30 Years, 30 Year Old Males


siblings: One sister

Height: 5'11" (180 cm), 5'11" Males

City: Liverpool, England

Rise to Stardom
AJ3Fifa became interested in football in general and the FIFA video game series in particular after watching his father play 'FIFA 99' on the original PlayStation. Throughout his teenage years, he spent his whole weekends on his Saturday and Sunday league teams and playing FIFA games in the evening. He created his YouTube channel in July 2012, during a ridiculously long holiday from university, and immediately began posting videos on FIFA 12, one of his favorite versions of the game. His channel grew slowly but steadily, and he decided to become a fulltime YouTuber about three years ago after his teaching job fell through, and he has never regretted that decision.
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Charity Work
After reaching the milestone of one million YouTube subscribers, AJ3Fifa decided to do something special and travelled to Uganda to see and film the brilliant work done by the charity foundation TackleAfrica, which provides HIV education to young Africans through football. Within a day after, on July 30, 2016, he posted the video on his channel, and it registered over 220k views. Following the success of the video, he announced his intention to do a twelve-hour livestream for his subscribers in October to raise money for the charity. The event was later pushed back to December 20th and the duration was reduced to five hours. The fundraising stream on his YouTube channel, which was filmed live in YouTube's new studios in London, featured many other YouTubers and special guests.
Guinness World Record
During the 'Using YouTube for Good' charity event, AJ3Fifa teamed up with footballer and fellow YouTuber Charlie Morley to film two videos for two Guinness World Records title challenges. They first attempted to break the record for 'Most consecutive headers of a Swiss ball in 30 seconds (team of two)', which was originally set by Dutch football legend Patrick Kluivert and British tennis star Heather Watson on the set of the Sky TV show 'A League Of Their Own' back in 2014. They managed to reach 57 heads on their second official attempt and beat the previous record of 32. They also competed against each other to set a new record for 'Most headers of a Swiss ball in 30 seconds'. Both their first two attempts failed to reach double digits against the minimum required 30 heads, but Morley was able to achieve 32 heads on his third attempt, which Andy failed to match. Later that day, they further attempted to break a few video game records during the live stream. The fundraiser was able to reach just over five thousand pounds, including 57 pounds each from Andy and Charlie to celebrate their joint Guinness World Record.
Personal Life
Andy Castell, a.k.a. AJ3Fifa, was born on February 20, 1993 in Liverpool, England. In school, he hated singing, dancing, acting, speaking in front of people and even performing any musical instrument. He studied in James College under University of York and has a degree in psychology. He lived away from home for three years while studying in university. He originally wanted to be a teacher and had at one point deleted some of his YouTube videos that he did not want his students to see. He also did a few odd jobs, including an evening job at Tesco for two years, a bartending job and a call-center job. His father died of cancer a few years ago. He has a sister who sometimes makes appearances on his channel.
He is in a relationship with a girl named Katie for over eight years. For a year, he lived with five other YouTubers in the YouTuber Mansion, but moved into a rented house with Katie in January 2017.

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