Addie Weems Bio

(American YouTuber)

Birthday: January 25, 2007 (Aquarius)

Born In: United States

Age: 17 Years

Addie Weems is a content creator known for her self-titled YouTube channel where she shares a variety of videos on fashion, beauty, and vlogs. Since launching her channel in December 2019, Addie has amassed a dedicated following of over 30,000 subscribers. One of her standout videos is a vlog documenting a day at work with her sister, showcasing her relatable and engaging content style. On her addisonweems Instagram account, Addie has also featured her mother and older sister Bella, allowing her audience to gain insight into her personal life and relationships. Additionally, in May 2020, Addie shared a photo on Instagram alongside popular content creator Katie Betzing.


Through her consistent and engaging content, Addie Weems has successfully carved out a space for herself in the world of digital media. Her YouTube channel serves as a platform where she connects with her audience through her passion for fashion, beauty, and everyday experiences. With her growing presence on social media platforms and collaborations with fellow creators, Addie continues to expand her reach and influence in the online content creation sphere, captivating viewers with her authentic and relatable approach.

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