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Birthday: March 3, 2005 (Pisces)

Born In: California, USA

Andrew Meloche is an American social media influencer who gained fame for being the brother of YouTube star Hannah Meloche. Hannah has been one of the brightest names in the YouTube beauty & fashion community. She is also known for her comedic content and lifestyle vlogs. Initially, it was through Hannah’s social media that Andrew and his other siblings gained their popularity. Fame came by association and Andrew hasn’t looked back since then. The sudden fame also inspired Hannah’s brothers, Andrew, Jack, and Reeve to create their YouTube channel, ‘The JAR Bros’. ‘Our Sister Does Our Makeup Challenge!’ and ‘10 Facts About Us’ are some of the most popular videos on their channel. However, ‘Fullest House – Spring Break Road Trip (Episode 1)’ and ‘The Sibling Tag: Meloche Kids’ are two of the most popular videos on YouTube featuring Andrew. Because of this exposure, Andrew Meloche enjoys a massive following on Instagram as well and has become a social media influencer in his own right.
Quick Facts

Age: 18 Years, 18 Year Old Males


father: David Gregory

mother: Nicole Meloche Gregory

siblings: Ella Meloche, Hannah Meloche, Jack, Jack Meloche, Reeve Meloche

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: California

Rise to Stardom
Andrew Meloche’s journey on social media started on Hannah’s Instagram page. Hannah, who is one of the big names in YouTube, gained fame for her beauty, fashion & lifestyle videos. She also has over 1.8 million followers on Instagram and almost the same number on YouTube. So her fans, who were curious about her family soon got to know about her siblings including Andrew. As more and more fans started requesting Hannah to feature her siblings in videos, her three younger brothers decided to create their own YouTube channel. This led to Andrew, Jack, and Reeve creating ‘The JAR Bros’. They posted their first video titled ‘What’s in My Mouth Challenge’ which got more than 5K views. They got similar results for their videos ‘10 Year Olds Try Not To Laugh Challenge’ and ‘Accent Challenge’.
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In case of Meloche siblings, their school life demanded most of their attention. Added to that, the irregularity of posting videos meant that their subscriber base never grew more than 5K. They did, however, manage to get more than 30k views for the video titled ‘Our Sister Does Our Makeup Challenge’. The video posted on January 20, 2017, featuring Hannah became the most popular video on their channel. This also brought a lot of attention to the brothers. On May 8, 2017, Hannah featured her entire family in an episode of her web series ‘Fullest House’, on her YouTube channel. The episode titled ‘Fullest House- Spring Break Road Trip (Episode 1)’ gained more than 940K views. It also gave an insight into the life of Hannah’s siblings, including Andrew. This was the video that truly catapulted Andrew Meloche and his brothers to social media stardom. While they didn’t find success with their own YouTube channel, they did become very popular because of Hannah’s popularity.
Since then, Andrew Meloche and his siblings have appeared in a number of videos on Hannah’s channel. These included the video ‘The Sibling Tag: Meloche Kids’ posted on Jun 16, 2018. The Q & A video gained more than 1.9 million views and is one of the most popular videos on YouTube featuring Andrew. ‘Fullest House- Fall Festivities (Episode 2)’ is another such video which gained nearly 800k views. Unfortunately, Andrew has not met with the same success on ‘The JAR Bros’.
Andrew Meloche is slowly becoming more popular on Instagram Most of his posts are pictures with his siblings, family & friends, and daily life updates. Clearly, people are fans of the teenager. It is unclear if Andrew will pick up social media influencer or YouTube content creator as a career or not. He certainly does appreciate the love he receives from fans. However, if he does, there is no doubt he has a ready-made fan base waiting for him.
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Family & Personal Life
Andrew Meloche was born on March 3, 2005, in California, the USA. His mother’s name is Nicole Meloche Gregory and his father’s name is David Gregory. He has four siblings; two elder sisters, Hannah Meloche (born February 26, 2001) and Ella Meloche (born September 25, 2002) and two younger brothers, twins Jack and Reeve (born May 15, 2006). He goes to school and has never been in any relationship.

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