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(Social-media Personality)

Birthday: November 24, 1983 (Sagittarius)

Born In: Nashua, New Hampshire

Adam Grandmaison, better known as “Adam22,” is an American entrepreneur, podcast host, and social-media personality. He is best known as a 'Bicycle Motocross' (BMX) rider and the creator of the ‘BMX’ website 'The Come Up.' The website is now one of the premier ‘BMX’ websites in the world. He later started the podcast 'No Jumper,' where he interviews personalities from the entertainment industry. He extended his entrepreneurial ventures by launching a ‘BMX’ clothing line, 'ONSOMESHIT.' Adam has also been accused of being a serial rapist. However, Adam has given many statements in his defense. In addition, he was involved in credit-card fraud when he was in college.
Quick Facts

Nick Name: Adam22

Girlfriend: Lena Nersesian

Also Known As: Adam John Grandmaison

Age: 40 Years, 40 Year Old Males

Height: 5'11" (180 cm), 5'11" Males

U.S. State: New Hampshire

City: Nashua, New Hampshire

The Inception of 'The Come Up' & 'ONSOMESHIT'
Adam grew up with a passion for ‘BMX.’ He was a ‘BMX’ rider for a very long period of time. Being a ‘BMX’ fan, he felt the need to have a good ‘BMX’ website that would be informative and entertaining at the same time. Most of the ‘BMX’ websites at that time, such as 'Ride,' 'Fat,' 'Woozy,' and 'Defgrip,' were either outdated or did not post often. During those days, Adam used to play online poker a lot. He also had a passion for writing. In his early childhood, he regularly posted video-game reviews and other related blogs. He was a huge fan of the hip-hop blog 'Nah Right.' Soon, Adam thought of combining all of his favorites to bring an innovation to the ‘BMX’ scene.
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On March 22, 2006, Adam started the ‘BMX’ website 'The Come Up.' The website had everything a ‘BMX’ rider could ever want. This made the website a huge hit. 'The Come Up' is now regarded as one of the most popular ‘BMX’ websites. He got his online pseudonym, “Adam22,” after he started the website. Adam has now stopped playing poker and devotes all his time to the website. Apart from posting ‘BMX’ news and updates, Adam has many things to offer to rap lovers. He posts rap tracks and music videos on 'The Come Up’s 'YouTube' channel. The music video for the single 'Hard,' featuring BlocBoy JB and Tay-K, garnered over three million views within just a week of being uploaded.
A few years after the website was launched, Adam launched an exclusive ‘BMX’ clothing line, 'ONSOMESHIT,' also known as ‘OSS,’ in Los Angeles. The clothing line offers ‘BMX’ merchandize, which is quirky, fun, and sporty.
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The Inception of 'No Jumper'
After a few years of blogging, Adam was hit by the idea of expanding his website. At the same time, he sensed there was a lot of potential in the field of podcasting, especially in the domain of rap. The other podcasting sites available at that time were anti-rap. Hence, in an attempt to unleash the lives of trashed rappers of the time, Adam came up with the podcast 'No Jumper,' partnering with 'Atlantic Records.' He announced its launch through 'Twitter.'
The first-ever interview Adam featured on the podcast was that of the popular underground rapper Xavier Wulf. Adam was comfortable working with him, as the rapper was his friend. Xavier promoted 'ONSOMESHIT,' too.
After the first interview was uploaded, many rappers reached out to Adam. The podcast gained momentum after artists such as Antwuan Dixon, ‘$uicideboy$,’ Tyler Grosso, and ‘ASAP Mob’ were published on it. All the podcasts are hosted by Adam himself and are available on the 'YouTube' channel ‘No Jumper.’ The channel now has over a million subscribers. The podcasts are usually shot in the backyard of his ‘BMX’ store. Many rappers have gained immense popularity after being interviewed on the podcast.
Adam’s dream is to interview American rappers Gucci Mane and Chief Keef. He adores Gucci. The name of his podcast was inspired by one of Gucci’s hit singles.
Illegal Ventures
Adam has also had his fair share of notoriety. While in college, Adam was involved in credit-card fraud. A few years later, when some of his accomplices were arrested, Adam was alarmed. He gave up the illegal path to make money and turned to poker.
Sexual Assault Allegations
In March 2018, Adam was accused of rape and physical abuse. The accusations sprouted from a 'Twitter' account of a person named Conor Tripler. The man had shared a number of screenshots of messages exchanged between him and the accusers. He had also shared a link of a blog that was posted years back by a woman who described Adam as a serial rapist. The anonymous woman claimed that Adam would often threaten his victims if they tried speaking against him. It was later revealed that one of the accusers was Adam’s ex-girlfriend.
Adam gave several statements in his defense. He and 'Atlantis Records' hired a private investigator to look into the matter. Adam trashed the fact that a girl whom he had dated several years back reappeared suddenly and accused him of rape.
Personal Life
Adam was born on November 24, 1983, in Nashua, New Hampshire. He grew up with his sister. Their mother worked as a librarian. He attended 'Nashua High School South.' Adam was then enrolled at a community college in Massachusetts, where he studied for a year. He then moved to the 'University of Massachusetts Lowell.' He dropped out of college before graduating, as his scores had started to drop consistently. Adam then decided to shift to New York, much to the disappointment of his mother. He now lives in Los Angeles, California.
When Adam was in sixth grade, his father was arrested for a white-collar crime. Adam was 16 when his father was released.
Adam was in school when he got exposed to the ‘BMX’ culture. He then developed a keen interest in video games. His favorite games were 'Mortal Combat,' 'Final Fantasy,' and 'Tetris.'
Adam is currently dating social-media sensation Lena Nersesian, better known as “The Plug.” He met Lena when she messaged him for a job. Adam and Lena promised to post their sex tape after Lena’s channel hit a million subscribers. However, they did not keep the promise. They later filmed a threesome with tattoo artist and import model Taylor White.
Adam loves getting inked and has several tattoos all over his body, including some on his face. He has a cat named Tony.

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