Discover the notable alumni of Metropolitan University. The list includes people like Daniela Ruah, Marsha Thomason, Clare Siobhan Callery, Marc Almond & Ramzi Yousef. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as film & theater personalities, media personalities, singers, miscellaneous and sportspersons etc.
Daniela RuahDaniela Ruah
02 December 1983, Portuguese, American
Marsha ThomasonMarsha Thomason
19 January 1976, British

Clare Siobhan CalleryClare Siobhan Callery
06 August 1990, British
YouTuber, Gamer

Mick HucknallMick Hucknall
08 June 1960, British

Marc AlmondMarc Almond
09 July 1957, British

John MayallJohn Mayall
29 November 1933
Guitarist, Composer, Pianist, Songwriter
Jane MooreJane Moore
17 May 1962, British

Wayne ParnellWayne Parnell
30 July 1989, South African

Julie BindelJulie Bindel
20 July 1962, British
Thomas HeatherwickThomas Heatherwick
17 February 1970, British
Architect, Sculptor, Designer

Sarah BurtonSarah Burton
01 January 1974, British
Fashion designer
Mohammad Sidique KhanMohammad Sidique Khan
20 October 1974, British

Martin ParrMartin Parr
23 May 1952, British
Photographer, Journalist

Bethany BlackBethany Black
24 December 1978, British

Linder SterlingLinder Sterling
1954 AD, British

Mark CuetoMark Cueto
26 December 1979, British
Rugby union player
Hermione WayHermione Way
1985 AD, British
entrepreneur, journalist