Discover the notable alumni of Liverpool John Moores University. The list includes people like Vicky Pattison, Beth Tweddle, Mohamed Nasheed, Hannah Whelan & Caroline Aherne. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as sportspersons, film & theater personalities, writers and leaders etc.
Vicky PattisonVicky Pattison
16 November 1987, British
Reality TV star, Writer, TV Presenter
Beth TweddleBeth Tweddle
01 April 1985, British
Former British Gymnast

Mohamed NasheedMohamed Nasheed
17 May 1967, Maldivian
4th President of the Maldives

Hannah WhelanHannah Whelan
01 July 1992, British

Claire FoyClaire Foy
16 April 1984, British

Julian CopeJulian Cope
21 October 1957, Welsh
Esther McVeyEsther McVey
24 October 1967, British

Katarina Johnson-ThompsonKatarina Johnson-Thompson
09 January 1993, British
Athletics competitor

Martin OffiahMartin Offiah
29 December 1966, British
Rugby league player, Rugby union player
Juan Carlos OsorioJuan Carlos Osorio
08 June 1962, Colombian
Association football player, Association football

Ieuan Wyn JonesIeuan Wyn Jones
22 May 1949, Welsh
Sally WaltonSally Walton
10 June 1981, British
Field hockey player