Throughout history, there have been many Japanese women singers who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great Japanese female singers such as Yoko Ono, Hikaru Utada, Sola Aoi, Ayumi Hamasaki, Chiaki Kuriyama.
Yoko OnoYoko Ono
18 February 1933, Japanese
Hikaru UtdaHikaru Utada
19 January 1983, Japanese, American

Hirai MomoHirai Momo
09 November 1996, Japanese
Singer, Dancer

Suzuka NakamotoSuzuka Nakamoto
20 December 1997, Japanese

Merle DandridgeMerle Dandridge
31 May 1975, Japanese, American

Kana HanazawaKana Hanazawa
25 February 1989, Japanese
Voice Actress
Ayumi HamasakiAyumi Hamasaki
02 October 1978, Japanese
Singer, Seiyū, Songwriter, Model, Actor,

Chiaki KuriyamaChiaki Kuriyama
10 October 1984, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Model, Seiyū, Fashion model

Rie KugimiyaRie Kugimiya
30 May 1979, Japanese
Voice actress
Maaya UchidaMaaya Uchida
27 December 1989, Japanese

Sola AoiSola Aoi
11 November 1983, Japanese
Adult Film Star, Actor, Singer, AV idol, Tarento
Namie AmuroNamie Amuro
20 September 1977, Japanese
Record producer

Kyary Pamyu PamyuKyary Pamyu Pamyu
01 January 1993, Japanese

Yuma AsamiYuma Asami
24 March 1987, Japanese
Actor, Adult Film Star, Model, Singer, AV idol,

07 July 1978, Japanese
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Lyricist, Composer,

Miyoshi UmekiMiyoshi Umeki
08 May 1929, Japanese, American
Actor, Singer, Television actor
Tina YuzukiTina Yuzuki
29 October 1986, Japanese
Film actor, Singer, Adult Film Star, Actor, AV

Kyoko FukadaKyoko Fukada
02 November 1982, Japanese
Actor, Model, Singer, Seiyū, Musician

Momoe YamaguchiMomoe Yamaguchi
17 January 1959, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Lyricist

Meiko KajiMeiko Kaji
24 March 1947, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Musician
Rino SashiharaRino Sashihara
21 November 1992, Japanese
Singer, Seiyū, Actor, Tarento, Model

Crystal KayCrystal Kay
26 February 1986, Japanese, American
Actor, Singer, Seiyū
Rie MiyazawaRie Miyazawa
06 April 1973, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Model, Fashion model

Yukie NakamaYukie Nakama
30 October 1979, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Seiyū

Yuko OshimaYuko Oshima
17 October 1988, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Seiyū, Child actor, Model
Minami TakahashiMinami Takahashi
08 April 1991, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Seiyū

Donna BurkeDonna Burke
12 December 1964, Australian, Japanese
Singer, Seiyū
Haruka ShimazakiHaruka Shimazaki
30 March 1994, Japanese
Singer, Actor, Model

Haruna KojimaHaruna Kojima
19 April 1988, Japanese
Japanese idol, Singer, Actor, Model

Aki MaedaAki Maeda
11 July 1985, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Model, Child actor
Keiko MatsuzakaKeiko Matsuzaka
20 July 1952, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Seiyū

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Rena MatsuiRena Matsui
27 July 1991, Japanese
Singer, Seiyū, Actor, Tarento, Model
Mai KurakiMai Kuraki
28 October 1982, Japanese
Singer, Composer, Lyricist, Songwriter, Record

Naomi TaniNaomi Tani
20 October 1948, Japanese
Actor, Adult Film Star, Film director, Singer,

Akiko ShikataAkiko Shikata

Yōko OginomeYōko Oginome
10 December 1968, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Seiyū
Kumi KodaKumi Koda
13 November 1982, Japanese
Japanese singer
Shungicu UchidaShungicu Uchida
07 August 1959, Japanese
Manga Artist

Beni ArashiroBeni Arashiro
30 March 1986, Japanese

Yoko WatanabeYoko Watanabe
12 July 1953, Italian, Japanese
Operatic soprano