Plays today may have taken a backseat with the advent of technology, but one cannot deny the exuberance of watching theatrical shows that obviously surpasses all. Play was one of the earliest forms of entertainment that emerged in the 16th and 17th century in various parts of the world. While initially intended to serve the political purpose of the administration, playwriting evolved with time to meet the needs of audience. The popularity of the medium led to a wider range of entertainment to be staged. More and more litterateurs ventured into playwriting. In Ireland, theatre and play began with the rise of the English administration. Though initially writers moved to Great Britain and United States to establish themselves in the field of playwriting, with the onset of the 20th century Irish playwrights established their reputation in Ireland only. Interestingly, the influence of Irish playwrights crossed oceans and was virtually over the entire globe. Names like Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw, Seamus Justin Heaney, Richard Brinsley Sheridan and Oliver Goldsmith have been apogees in the genre of playwriting. Their skill at picking every day events and bringing to life characters has been an indomitable force in playwriting. With this segment, read in details about the life and works of some of the most talented and outstandingly brilliant Irish playwrights.
Oscar WildeOscar Wilde
16 October 1854
Martin McDonaghMartin McDonagh
26 March 1970
Playwright, Screenwriter, Filmmaker

Samuel BeckettSamuel Beckett
13 April 1906
Novelist, Playwright, Theater Director

Oliver GoldsmithOliver Goldsmith
10 November 1728
Novelist, Playwright, Poet

Brendan BehanBrendan Behan
09 February 1923
Irish poet

W B YeatsW B Yeats
13 June 1865
Poet & Dramatist
Maeve BinchyMaeve Binchy
28 May 1939

John Millington SyngeJohn Millington Synge
16 April 1871
Playwright, Poet

Richard Brinsley SheridanRichard Brinsley Sheridan
30 October 1751
Poet, Politician, Librettist, Writer, Playwright

Brian FrielBrian Friel
09 January 1929
Writer, Playwright, Theatre director, Politician
Colm ToibinColm Toibin
30 May 1955

Brendan Francis BehanBrendan Francis Behan
09 January 1923