India is a federal parliamentary democratic republic since its independence in 1947. The President of India serves as the head of the state, while the Prime Minister is the Head of the government. Just like other parliamentary republics, the executive powers of running a government lie with the Prime Minister of the country, while the role of the President is largely ceremonial. The President heads the executive and legislature of India and also serves as the commander-in-chief of the Indian Armed Forces. His term is mostly of five years and is indirectly elected by the people through the elected members of both the houses of the parliament and the legislative assemblies of Delhi and Puducherry. The primary duty of the President is to preserve, protect and defend the constitution and the law of India. After the establishment of the Constitution of India in 1950, the inaugural post of the President was held by Dr Rajendra Prasad, who till date remains as the longest serving President and the only one to serve for two terms in office. India has had thirteen Presidents till date. Pratibha Patil, who assumed office as the 12th President of the country in 2007, became the first woman to serve the post. Pranab Mukherjee serves as the incumbent President of India since July 2012. Check this section to know more about the Presidents of India, their life and their works.
Pranab MukherjeePranab Mukherjee
11 December 1935
13th President of India
Sarvepalli RadhakrishnanSarvepalli Radhakrishnan
05 September 1888
Confident, Ambitious

Ram Nath KovindRam Nath Kovind
01 October 1945
14th President of India

Rajendra PrasadRajendra Prasad
03 December 1884
Former President of India

Pratibha PatilPratibha Patil
19 December 1934
Former President of India

K. R. NarayananK. R. Narayanan
27 October 1920
President of India
Shankar Dayal SharmaShankar Dayal Sharma
19 August 1918
Former President of India

Neelam Sanjiva ReddyNeelam Sanjiva Reddy
19 May 1913
Sixth President of India

V. V. GiriV. V. Giri
10 August 1894
Fourth President of India
Zail SinghZail Singh
05 May 1916
President of India

Fakhruddin Ali AhmedFakhruddin Ali Ahmed
13 May 1905
Former President of India
A.P.J. Abdul KalamA.P.J. Abdul Kalam
15 October 1931
Former President of India

Dr Zakir HussainDr Zakir Husain
08 February 1897
Former President of India

Muhammad Zia-ul-HaqMuhammad Zia-ul-Haq
12 August 1924
Politician, Officer

Mohammad HidayatullahMohammad Hidayatullah
17 December 1905
Lawyer, Academician, Vice President

Ramaswamy VenkataramanRamaswamy Venkataraman
04 December 1910
President , lawyer, politician
Basappa Danappa JattiBasappa Danappa Jatti
10 September 1912
Politician, Vice-President