Find out more about the greatest German Military Leaders, including Adolf Hitler, Otto von Bismarck, Heinrich Himmler, Erwin Rommel and Reinhard Heydrich.
Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler
20 April 1889
Nazi Leader, German Dictator and Chancellor of
Heinrich HimmlerHeinrich Himmler
07 October 1900
Nazi Commander

Erwin RommelErwin Rommel
15 November 1891

Otto von BismarckOtto von Bismarck
01 April 1815
German Statesman

Reinhard HeydrichReinhard Heydrich
07 March 1904
Nazi Official

Rudolf HessRudolf Hess
26 April 1894
Deputy Führer
Paul von HindenburgPaul von Hindenburg
02 October 1847
General, Second President of Weimar Republic

Heinz GuderianHeinz Guderian
17 June 1888
German General

Wilhelm KeitelWilhelm Keitel
22 September 1882
German Commanding Officer

Erich LudendorffErich Ludendorff
09 April 1865
General of German Army
Alfred JodlAlfred Jodl
10 May 1890
Military Commander, Nazi War Criminal

Hermann FegeleinHermann Fegelein
30 October 1906
Nazi Leader
Prince Rupert of the RhinePrince Rupert of the Rhine
17 December 1619
Military Leader

George PattonGeorge Patton
11 November 1885
Military Officer

Hermann GoringHermann Goring
12 January 1893
German Military Leader
Karl Von ClausewitzKarl Von Clausewitz
01 July 1780

Martin BormannMartin Bormann
War Crimes, Military Leader
Ernst RöhmErnst Röhm
28 November 1887
Military officer

Rudolf HössRudolf Höss
25 November 1901
Military Leader

Gerd von RundstedtGerd von Rundstedt
12 December 1875
0017 BC
Roman general

Erich von MansteinErich von Manstein
24 November 1887
Erich HartmannErich Hartmann
19 April 1922
Aviator, Officer

Friedrich PaulusFriedrich Paulus
23 September 1890

Hans-Ulrich RudelHans-Ulrich Rudel
02 July 1916
Aviator, Writer, Mountaineer, Officer

Walter ModelWalter Model
24 January 1891
Albert KesselringAlbert Kesselring
30 November 1885
German military commander
Michael WittmannMichael Wittmann
22 April 1914

Wilhelm CanarisWilhelm Canaris
01 January 1887
Intelligence officer, Submariner, Navy officer

Sepp DietrichSepp Dietrich
28 May 1892
Military personnel

Ludwig BeckLudwig Beck
29 June 1880
Writer, Military personnel
Erich RaederErich Raeder
24 April 1876
Navy officer

Michel NeyMichel Ney
10 January 1769
Military commander

Fedor von BockFedor von Bock
03 December 1880

Helmuth von Moltke the ElderHelmuth von Moltke the Elder
26 October 1800
Writer, Officer, Historian

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Walther von BrauchitschWalther von Brauchitsch
04 October 1881
Military personnel
Ferdinand SchörnerFerdinand Schörner
12 June 1892

August von MackensenAugust von Mackensen
06 December 1849
Officer, Military leader
Paul HausserPaul Hausser
07 October 1880
Officer, Military personnel

Gebhard Leberecht von BlücherGebhard Leberecht von Blücher
16 December 1742
Military officer

Robert Ritter von GreimRobert Ritter von Greim
22 June 1892
Aviator, Military personnel
Günther von KlugeGünther von Kluge
30 October 1882

Franz HalderFranz Halder
30 June 1884
Soldier, Writer, Diarist
Werner von BlombergWerner von Blomberg
02 September 1878
Politician, Officer, Military personnel

Erwin von WitzlebenErwin von Witzleben
04 December 1881
Military personnel, Officer

Paul von Lettow-VorbeckPaul von Lettow-Vorbeck
20 March 1870
Politician, Writer, Officer

Helmuth von Moltke the YoungerHelmuth von Moltke the Younger
23 May 1848

Erhard MilchErhard Milch
30 March 1892
Politician, Military personnel
Paul Ludwig Ewald von KleistPaul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist
08 August 1881
Soldier, Officer

Erich von FalkenhaynErich von Falkenhayn
11 September 1861
Politician, Officer

Kurt StudentKurt Student
12 May 1890
Aviator, Officer

Hasso von ManteuffelHasso von Manteuffel
14 January 1897
Politician, Officer
Walther von ReichenauWalther von Reichenau
08 October 1884

Eugène de BeauharnaisEugène de Beauharnais
03 September 1781
Military commander
Gotthard HeinriciGotthard Heinrici
25 December 1886
Officer, Military personnel

Publius Quinctilius VarusPublius Quinctilius Varus
0046 BC
Roman general

Berthold Maria Schenk Graf von StauffenbergBerthold Maria Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg
03 July 1934
Military personnel
Alfred von TirpitzAlfred von Tirpitz
19 March 1849
Politician, Officer

Claus Schenk Graf von StauffenbergClaus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg
15 November 1907
German officer
Wilhelm Ritter von LeebWilhelm Ritter von Leeb
05 September 1876
Military personnel

Erich von dem Bach-ZelewskiErich von dem Bach-Zelewski
01 March 1899
Politician, Military personnel

Johannes BlaskowitzJohannes Blaskowitz
10 July 1883
Military personnel
Hermann HothHermann Hoth
12 April 1885
Military personnel, Memoirist

Hans von SeecktHans von Seeckt
22 April 1866
Politician, Officer
John of AustriaJohn of Austria
24 February 1547
Condottiero, Diplomat, Officer, Military personnel

Werner MöldersWerner Mölders
18 March 1913
Fighter pilot

Hugo SperrleHugo Sperrle
07 February 1885
Military personnel, Aviator

Maximilian von WeichsMaximilian von Weichs
12 November 1881
Military personnel
Alfred von SchlieffenAlfred von Schlieffen
28 February 1833
Wilhelm ListWilhelm List
14 May 1880

Georg von KüchlerGeorg von Küchler
30 May 1881
Military commander

Otto Liman von SandersOtto Liman von Sanders
17 February 1855

Military commander
Kurt von TippelskirchKurt von Tippelskirch
09 October 1891
Military personnel, Military historian,

Wilhelm von KnyphausenWilhelm von Knyphausen
04 November 1716

Colmar Freiherr von der GoltzColmar Freiherr von der Goltz
12 August 1843
Writer, Military historian, Soldier

Josef DietrichJosef Dietrich
28 May 1892

Paul Emil von Lettow-VorbeckPaul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck
20 March 1870
Franz Graf Conrad von HötzendorfFranz Graf Conrad von Hötzendorf
11 November 1852
Austrian general

Heinrich MüllerHeinrich Müller
28 April 1900
Police officer
Ernst BuschErnst Busch
06 July 1885
Senior officer