Europe’s cultural, political and military power, France is one of the developed countries of the world, with the sixth largest economy and ninth largest purchasing power parity. The country presently follows a unitary semi-presidential republic with the President as the executive head of the state of the French Fifth Republic. Though the executive powers of the day-to-day function are administered by the Prime Minister and his Cabinet of Ministers, the President of France wields significant influence and authority over national security and foreign policy. Unlike other European nations, French President holds a very powerful position. He holds the nation’s senior-most office, is the ex officio Co-Prince of Andorra, serves as the Grand Master of the Légion d'honneur and the Ordre national du Mérite and is the honorary proto-canon of the Basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome. He is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. The office of the President as first formed on October 4, 1958, its first holder being Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte. Over the years, the office of the President has undergone numerous changes, the term shortened, the power augmented and so on. Also, many prominent politicians have held the chair of the President of France since its inception, right from Bonaparte to the incumbent Francois Hollande. Check this segment to find in detail about French presidents, their life, their journey to premiership and their work as the President.
Emmanuel MacronEmmanuel Macron
21 December 1977
Charles de GaulleCharles de Gaulle
22 November 1890
Former President of France

Napoleon IIINapoleon III
20 April 1808
Emperor of the Second French Empire

Nicolas SarkozyNicolas Sarkozy
28 January 1955

François MitterrandFrançois Mitterrand
26 October 1916
Former President of France

François HollandeFrançois Hollande
12 August 1954
President of France
Jacques ChiracJacques Chirac
29 November 1932
Former President of France

Georges PompidouGeorges Pompidou
05 July 1911
Former Prime Minister & President of France

Vincent AuriolVincent Auriol
27 August 1884
Former President of France
Valéry Giscard d'EstaingValéry Giscard d'Estaing
02 February 1926
Former President of the French Republic

Félix FaureFélix Faure
30 January 1841
Raymond PoincaréRaymond Poincaré
20 August 1860
Politician, Lawyer, Journalist

Albert LebrunAlbert Lebrun
29 August 1871

René CotyRené Coty
20 March 1882
Politician, Lawyer

Marie François Sadi CarnotMarie François Sadi Carnot
11 August 1837
Politician, Civil engineer, Engineer

Paul DoumerPaul Doumer
22 March 1857
Politician, Lawyer, Journalist
Alexandre MillerandAlexandre Millerand
10 February 1859
Politician, Lawyer, Journalist

Paul DeschanelPaul Deschanel
13 February 1855

Gaston DoumergueGaston Doumergue
01 August 1863
Prime Minister, Politician

Émile LoubetÉmile Loubet
30 December 1838
Prime Minister, Politician
Jules GrévyJules Grévy
15 August 1807
Political, President

Armand FallièresArmand Fallières
06 November 1841
President, Politician
Édouard HerriotÉdouard Herriot
05 July 1872

Alain PoherAlain Poher
17 April 1909

Patrice de Mac-Mahon, Duke of MagentaPatrice de Mac-Mahon, Duke of Magenta
13 July 1808
Nguyen Van ThinhNguyen Van Thinh
1888 AD

Jean Casimir-PérierJean Casimir-Périer
08 November 1847
Prime Minister, politician