European nations such as France have undoubtedly contributed in a great way towards the evolution of science over the years. Many physicists and researchers from the nation have been applauded by the world for their achievements in the field of science. Some of the French Physicists, such as Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel had struck gold even in the early years of the 20th century with the phenomenal discovery of the ‘Photovoltaic effect’, the principle behind the functioning of the solar cell. The world-renowned physicist Madame Curie, who became a citizen of France at a later part of her life, also made the country proud by bagging the prestigious ‘Nobel’ prize for her work related to radioactivity. The contributions of most of these eminent individuals range from magnetism and electricity to optics, and are one of the prime reasons behind the technological sophistication that we see today. Explore this space for the biographies of some of the most famous French physicists who have left an indelible mark on the world of science and technology. Read on and find out all about their life stories, timelines and also acquaint yourself with a few interesting facts & trivia related to their lives.

Marie CurieMarie Curie
07 November 1867
First woman to win a Nobel Prize
Pierre CuriePierre Curie
15 May 1859
Nobel Laureate in Physics

Blaise PascalBlaise Pascal
19 June 1623
French Mathematician, Physicist, Inventor, Writer

Frédéric Joliot-CurieFrédéric Joliot-Curie
19 March 1900

Louis de BroglieLouis de Broglie
15 August 1892

Joseph FourierJoseph Fourier
21 March 1768
Mathematician & Physicist
Henri BecquerelHenri Becquerel
15 December 1852
Physicist, Discoverer of Radioactivity

Andre Marie AmpereAndre Marie Ampere
20 January 1775
Physicist and Mathematician

Sadi CarnotSadi Carnot
01 June 1796
Physicist and Scientist
Charles Augustin De CoulombCharles Augustin De Coulomb
14 June 1736
French physicist

Jean Le Rond d’AlembertJean Le Rond d’Alembert
16 November 1717
Mathematician, Physicist, Philosopher And Musical
Joseph Louis Gay-LussacJoseph Louis Gay-Lussac
06 December 1778
Chemist and Physicist

Gabriel LippmannGabriel Lippmann
16 August 1845
Physicist & Nobel Laureate

Augustin-Jean FresnelAugustin-Jean Fresnel
10 May 1788

Léon FoucaultLéon Foucault
18 September 1819

Johann Heinrich LambertJohann Heinrich Lambert
26 August 1728
Mathematician, Physicist and Astronomer
Claude Cohen-TannoudjiClaude Cohen-Tannoudji
01 April 1933

Jean Baptiste PerrinJean Baptiste Perrin
30 September 1870

Pierre Gilles de GennesPierre-Gilles de Gennes
24 October 1932

Georges Charpak Georges Charpak
01 August 1924
Louis Eugène Félix Néel Louis Néel
22 November 1904

Alfred Kastler Alfred Kastler
03 May 1902
André-Marie AmpèreAndré-Marie Ampère
20 January 1775
French physicist

Paul LangevinPaul Langevin
23 January 1872
Physicist, Professor, Chemist, Philosopher of

Cédric VillaniCédric Villani
05 October 1973
Mathematician, Physicist, University teacher
Charles-Augustin de CoulombCharles-Augustin de Coulomb
14 June 1736

Siméon Denis PoissonSiméon Denis Poisson
21 June 1781
François AragoFrançois Arago
26 February 1786
Astronomer, Mathematician, Physicist, Politician,

Lazare CarnotLazare Carnot
13 May 1753
Mathematician, Politician, Engineer, Officer,

Joseph BlackJoseph Black
16 April 1728
Chemist, Physicist, Scientist, University teacher
Jacques CharlesJacques Charles
12 November 1746
Physicist, Chemist, Inventor, Balloonist,

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Alain AspectAlain Aspect
15 June 1947
Marin MersenneMarin Mersenne
08 September 1588
Philosopher, Theologian, Mathematician,

Conrad SchlumbergerConrad Schlumberger
02 October 1878

Claude-Louis NavierClaude-Louis Navier
10 February 1785
physicist, economist, mathematician, engineer of

Serge HarocheSerge Haroche
11 September 1944
Physicist, University teacher
Georges ClaudeGeorges Claude
24 September 1870
Chemist, Physicist, Engineer, Inventor
Pierre DuhemPierre Duhem
09 June 1861

Guillaume AmontonsGuillaume Amontons
31 August 1663

Pierre Louis MaupertuisPierre Louis Maupertuis
28 September 1698

Jean-Baptiste BiotJean-Baptiste Biot
21 April 1774
Mathematician, Physicist, Astronomer, Civil
Jean Léonard Marie PoiseuilleJean Léonard Marie Poiseuille
22 April 1797

Hippolyte FizeauHippolyte Fizeau
23 September 1819
Physicist, Astronomer

Gaspard-Gustave de CoriolisGaspard-Gustave de Coriolis
21 May 1792

Peter GrünbergPeter Grünberg
18 May 1939
Physicist, University teacher

Didier SornetteDidier Sornette
25 June 1957
Physicist, Economist
Auguste BravaisAuguste Bravais
23 August 1811

Edme MariotteEdme Mariotte
1620 AD
Albert FertAlbert Fert
07 March 1938
Physicist, University teacher

Jean Charles Athanase PeltierJean Charles Athanase Peltier
22 February 1785

Gaston PlantéGaston Planté
22 April 1834
Louis-Sébastien LenormandLouis-Sébastien Lenormand
25 May 1757

Felix SavartFelix Savart
30 June 1791
Étienne-Louis MalusÉtienne-Louis Malus
23 July 1775

Henri-Victor RegnaultHenri-Victor Regnault
21 July 1810

Bernard d'EspagnatBernard d'Espagnat
22 August 1921

Charles MérieuxCharles Mérieux
09 January 1907
French virologist

Maurice de BroglieMaurice de Broglie
27 April 1875
Charles FabryCharles Fabry
11 June 1867

Pierre Louis DulongPierre Louis Dulong
12 February 1785

Pierre WeissPierre Weiss
25 March 1865

André BlondelAndré Blondel
28 August 1863
Jean-Marie DuhamelJean-Marie Duhamel
05 February 1797

Carl August von SteinheilCarl August von Steinheil
12 October 1801
Jules ViolleJules Violle
16 November 1841

Firmin AbauzitFirmin Abauzit
11 November 1679

Louis Paul CailletetLouis Paul Cailletet
21 September 1832
Hubert CurienHubert Curien
30 October 1924

Bernard LyotBernard Lyot
27 February 1897
Yves RocardYves Rocard
22 May 1903

Jean de HautefeuilleJean de Hautefeuille
20 March 1647