France has had a strong history and a glorious past when it comes to traditions, culture and heritage. While the country today boasts of having an unfaltering air of luxury and cinematography, things hadn’t been the same as always. The country rose to power during the rule of Louis XIV. Throughout its long history, it has exerted strong influence, culturally, economically and politically. What has stood in its favour and helped the Alpine country become a great power today has been its military. The fifth largest military spender in the world, it has been home to major military industries and has one of the largest aerospace industries of the world. And adding to the fame and glory of French military were its leaders - courageous, resilient, valiant and heroic. Unless you have been living under the rock, names like Napoleon, Joan of Arc, Marquis de Lafayette, William the Conqueror and Louis IX of France wouldn’t be unheard of. While Napoleon is till date regarded as the greatest military commander of all times, Louis IX of France was the most powerful European ruler of his time. Marquis de Lafayette’s contribution before and after the French Revolution was ground-breaking for it was he who helped shape France’s political structure. Check out information on famous French military leaders.
Charles de GaulleCharles de Gaulle
22 November 1890
Former President of France
Philippe PétainPhilippe Pétain
24 April 1856
Marshal of France

Charles MartelCharles Martel
0686 AD
Military Leader

Alfred DreyfusAlfred Dreyfus
09 October 1859
Artillery Officer

Napoleon BonaparteNapoleon Bonaparte
15 August 1769
Emperor of the French

Joachim MuratJoachim Murat
25 March 1767
Marshal of France
Michel NeyMichel Ney
10 January 1769

Marquis de LafayetteMarquis de Lafayette
06 September 1757
French Aristocrat and Military Leader

Charles I, Duke of BrittanyCharles I, Duke of Brittany
1319 AD
Medieval Breton Leaders

Prince Eugene of SavoyPrince Eugene of Savoy
18 October 1663
François DarlanFrançois Darlan
07 August 1881
Politician, Military personnel

Hugues de PayensHugues de Payens
1070 AD
Maxime WeygandMaxime Weygand
21 January 1867
Military personnel, Officer

Maurice GamelinMaurice Gamelin
20 September 1872
military personnel

Gilad ShalitGilad Shalit
28 August 1986
Sports columnist, Soldier, Journalist, Investment
Gnaeus Julius AgricolaGnaeus Julius Agricola
13 June 0040

Louis-Joseph de MontcalmLouis-Joseph de Montcalm
28 February 1712
Military personnel
Jean LannesJean Lannes
10 April 1769
Duc de Montebello

Jean-de-Dieu SoultJean-de-Dieu Soult
29 March 1769
Politician, Military personnel

André MassénaAndré Masséna
06 May 1758
French military commander
Pierre-Charles VilleneuvePierre-Charles Villeneuve
31 December 1763
Naval Officer

Louis-Nicolas DavoutLouis-Nicolas Davout
10 May 1770
Robert NivelleRobert Nivelle
15 October 1856
Military personnel

Louis-Eugène CavaignacLouis-Eugène Cavaignac
15 October 1802

Jean-Baptiste JourdanJean-Baptiste Jourdan
29 April 1762

Bertrand du GuesclinBertrand du Guesclin
1320 AD
Military Commander
Jean-Baptiste KléberJean-Baptiste Kléber
09 March 1753
Military General
Jean Victor Marie MoreauJean Victor Marie Moreau
14 February 1763

Ante GotovinaAnte Gotovina
12 October 1955

Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of SavoyEmmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy
08 July 1528
Duke Of Savoy

Hubert LyauteyHubert Lyautey
17 November 1854
French General
Alphonse JuinAlphonse Juin
16 December 1888
Officer, Military personnel

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Jean BartJean Bart
21 October 1650
Military officer

Louis DesaixLouis Desaix
17 August 1768

Claude Joseph Rouget de LisleClaude Joseph Rouget de Lisle
10 May 1760
Composer, Poet, Writer, Playwright

Christian de CastriesChristian de Castries
11 August 1902
Military Commander
Jean de DunoisJean de Dunois
23 November 1402
Military commander

0303 AD
François de La RocqueFrançois de La Rocque
06 October 1885
Political Leader

Raymond IV of ToulouseRaymond IV of Toulouse
1041 AD

Louis Alexandre BerthierLouis Alexandre Berthier
20 November 1753
Louis I de Bourbon, prince de CondéLouis I de Bourbon, prince de Condé
07 May 1530

Patrice de Mac-Mahon, Duke of MagentaPatrice de Mac-Mahon, Duke of Magenta
13 July 1808
Józef Antoni PoniatowskiJózef Antoni Poniatowski
1763 AD

Marie-Pierre KoenigMarie-Pierre Koenig
10 October 1898
Military general

Gaspard de ColignyGaspard de Coligny
16 February 1519
French admiral

Jean-Baptiste-Donatien de Vimeur, comte de RochambeauJean-Baptiste-Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau
01 July 1725

Joseph-François DupleixJoseph-François Dupleix
01 January 1697
French colonial official
Lucien E. ConeinLucien E. Conein
29 November 1919
Armed force officer

Joseph-Simon GallieniJoseph-Simon Gallieni
24 April 1849

Henri de La Tour d'Auvergne, vicomte de TurenneHenri de La Tour d'Auvergne, vicomte de Turenne
11 September 1611
Military leader