The recipe for a perfect evening is a mix of good food, old wine, great style and of course cult movies. While France is popular for the first three, it is its cinematic culture that often goes unnoticed or ignored. How many times have we preferred British or American movies to their French counterparts? A number of times, isn’t it? However, France has been a mecca of talent when it comes to acting, drama and performance. The country has been home to talented bunch of actors who have deeply engrained their names on the world of entertainment with their enduring and unforgettable performance. Their contribution to cinema has been simply outstanding, ineffaceable and deep-lasting. Some of the most popular and prestigious names of French cinema include Christopher Lambert, Vincent Cassel, Gerard Depardieu, Guillaume Canet, and so on. Interestingly, thanks to the multiplying talent of French actors, French film industry has built a strong foundation with a stout fan following in English speaking countries as well. French films today are faring very well at the English box office and gaining immense popularity. To know more about popular French actors, their profile, their love for cinema and their works as an actor and performer, check out this section.
Roman PolanskiRoman Polanski
18 August 1933
French-Polish Film Director
Max von SydowMax von Sydow
10 April 1929

Christopher LambertChristopher Lambert
29 March 1957

Jean RenoJean Reno
30 July 1948

Hervé VillechaizeHervé Villechaize
23 April 1943

Charles AznavourCharles Aznavour
22 May 1924
Tchéky KaryoTchéky Karyo
04 October 1953

Samuel BenchetritSamuel Benchetrit
26 June 1973

Charles BoyerCharles Boyer
28 August 1899
Maurice ChevalierMaurice Chevalier
12 September 1888
Actor, Singer

Jean RenoirJean Renoir
15 September 1894
Film Director, Actor, Producer
Julien KangJulien Kang
11 April 1982
Actor, Model

Patrick BruelPatrick Bruel
14 May 1959

Pio MarmaiPio Marmai
13 July 1984

Elvis PolanskiElvis Polanski
12 April 1998
Actor, Son of Roman Polanski

Vincent CasselVincent Cassel
23 November 1966
Donald PleasenceDonald Pleasence
05 October 1919

Luc BessonLuc Besson
18 March 1959
Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter, Actor,

Alain DelonAlain Delon
08 November 1935
Actor, Screenwriter, Film director, Military

Gérard DepardieuGérard Depardieu
27 December 1948
Film actor, Actor, Film director, Film producer,
Manuel FerraraManuel Ferrara
01 November 1975
Adult Film Star, Film director

Marcel MarceauMarcel Marceau
22 March 1923
Mime artist, Actor, Clown, Circus performer
Michael VartanMichael Vartan
27 November 1968

Guillaume CanetGuillaume Canet
10 April 1973
Screenwriter, Film actor, Actor, Film director

Alejandro JodorowskyAlejandro Jodorowsky
17 February 1929
Writer, Film director, Actor, Playwright,
Lambert WilsonLambert Wilson
03 August 1958
Actor, Singer

Omar SyOmar Sy
20 January 1978
Actor, Comedian
Robert ClaryRobert Clary
01 March 1926

François TruffautFrançois Truffaut
06 February 1932
Film director

Jean-Paul BelmondoJean-Paul Belmondo
09 April 1933
Film producer, Actor, Film actor, Stunt performer
Georges MélièsGeorges Méliès
08 December 1861
Actor, Film director, Animator, Film editor,

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Louis GarrelLouis Garrel
14 June 1983
Actor, Cinematographer, Screenwriter, Film
Mathieu AmalricMathieu Amalric
25 October 1965
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter

Sebastian RochéSebastian Roché
04 August 1964
Television actor, Film actor, Stage actor

Louis MalleLouis Malle
30 October 1932
Screenwriter, Film producer, Film director, Camera

Louis de FunèsLouis de Funès
31 July 1914
Actor, Film actor, Film director, Film producer,
Jean DujardinJean Dujardin
19 June 1972
Film actor, Actor, Film producer, Film director,
Michel HouellebecqMichel Houellebecq
26 February 1956
Poet, Film director, Songwriter, Essayist,

Mathieu KassovitzMathieu Kassovitz
03 August 1967
Actor, Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter,

Michael LonsdaleMichael Lonsdale
24 May 1931
Actor, Television actor, Film actor

Saïd TaghmaouiSaïd Taghmaoui
19 July 1973
Television actor, Film actor, Actor, Boxer,
Louis JourdanLouis Jourdan
19 June 1921
Stage actor, Film actor

Gaspard UllielGaspard Ulliel
25 November 1984
Actor, Model

Emir KusturicaEmir Kusturica
24 November 1954
Actor, Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter,

Tahar RahimTahar Rahim
04 July 1981

Sébastien OgierSébastien Ogier
17 December 1983
Rally driver
Johnny HallydayJohnny Hallyday
15 June 1943
Singer, Actor, Composer

Yves MontandYves Montand
13 October 1921
Film actor, Actor, Chansonnier, Singer,
David CharvetDavid Charvet
15 May 1972

David BelleDavid Belle
29 April 1973
Traceur, Actor

Jean AlesiJean Alesi
11 June 1964
Racecar driver, Racing driver
Russell WongRussell Wong
01 March 1963

Nikolai KinskiNikolai Kinski
30 July 1976
Pierre WoodmanPierre Woodman
29 April 1963
Adult Film Star, Film producer, Film director,

Jacques TatiJacques Tati
09 October 1907
Film actor, Actor, Film director, Screenwriter,

Jean-Louis TrintignantJean-Louis Trintignant
11 December 1930
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Audio book

Daniel DefertDaniel Defert
10 September 1937
Sociologist, University teacher

Yvan AttalYvan Attal
04 January 1965
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Dub actor
Frédéric BourdinFrédéric Bourdin
13 June 1974

Jamel DebbouzeJamel Debbouze
18 June 1975
Actor, Cabaret artist, Radio personality,

31 July 1975
Actor, Disc jockey

John CallahanJohn Callahan
23 December 1953
Michel LegrandMichel Legrand
24 February 1932
Conductor, Composer, Actor, Singer, Pianist, Music

Jean-Pierre CasselJean-Pierre Cassel
27 October 1932
Actor, Dancer
Guillaume DepardieuGuillaume Depardieu
07 April 1971
Film actor, Actor

Jérôme Le BannerJérôme Le Banner
26 December 1972
Boxer, Actor, Mixed martial artist, Professional

Grégory FitoussiGrégory Fitoussi
13 August 1976
François CluzetFrançois Cluzet
21 September 1955

Abdellatif KechicheAbdellatif Kechiche
07 December 1960
Actor, Screenwriter, Film director
Julien BoisselierJulien Boisselier
26 May 1970

Joséphine BerryJoséphine Berry
29 January 1992

Jean MaraisJean Marais
11 December 1913
Film actor, Actor, Sculptor, Painter, Theatre
Jean GabinJean Gabin
17 May 1904
Film actor, Actor, Singer, Screenwriter

Jean-Pierre MelvilleJean-Pierre Melville
20 October 1917
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer
Benoît MagimelBenoît Magimel
11 May 1974

Dany BoonDany Boon
26 June 1966
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter

Daniel AuteuilDaniel Auteuil
24 January 1950
Actor, Film director, Theatre director

12 February 1933
Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, Actor
Jacques DemyJacques Demy
05 June 1931
Film director, Screenwriter, Dialogue writer,
Jean-Pierre LéaudJean-Pierre Léaud
28 May 1944
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter

Louis LeterrierLouis Leterrier
17 June 1973
Actor, Film director, Film producer

Theophanis LamboukasTheophanis Lamboukas
26 January 1936
Actor, Singer

Samy NaceriSamy Naceri
02 July 1961
Actor, Film producer
Romain DurisRomain Duris
28 May 1974

Jacques DutroncJacques Dutronc
28 April 1943
Film actor, Actor, Singer

Alain ResnaisAlain Resnais
03 June 1922
Film director, Screenwriter, Film editor,

Claude ChabrolClaude Chabrol
24 June 1930
Film director, Film actor, Press agent,

Jacques BergeracJacques Bergerac
26 May 1927
Actor, Businessperson
Serge NubretSerge Nubret
06 October 1938
Actor, Film actor

Jean-Pierre AumontJean-Pierre Aumont
05 January 1911
Actor, Screenwriter
Bernard TapieBernard Tapie
26 January 1943
Politician, Actor, Businessperson

Henri Désiré LandruHenri Désiré Landru
12 April 1869
Serial killer, Subdeacon, Accountant, Q3053339,
Leos CaraxLeos Carax
22 November 1960
Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, Critic
Dominique PinonDominique Pinon
04 March 1955
Actor, Film actor