Discover the notable alumni of Curtin University. The list includes people like Judy Davis, Jessica De Gouw, Carrie Bickmore, Tim Winton & Michaelia Cash. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as film & theater personalities, media personalities, writers and leaders etc.
Judy DavisJudy Davis
23 April 1955, Australian
Cody FernCody Fern
06 July 1988, Australian

Frances O'ConnorFrances O'Connor
12 June 1967, Australian, British

Jessica De GouwJessica De Gouw
15 February 1988, Australian
Actor, Film actor

Michaelia CashMichaelia Cash
19 July 1970, Australian

Carrie BickmoreCarrie Bickmore
03 December 1980, Australian
Tim WintonTim Winton
04 August 1960, Australian
Writer, Screenwriter, Novelist, Children's writer

Zahirah MacWilsonZahirah MacWilson
01 February 1995, Malaysian

Harith IskanderHarith Iskander
07 August 1966, Malaysian
Anna FlanaganAnna Flanagan
08 January 1992, Australian
Field hockey player

Kathryn SlatteryKathryn Slattery
30 July 1993, Australian
Field hockey player
Martin DougiamasMartin Dougiamas
20 August 1969, Australian

Curtin University, one of the best places to study was founded in 1966. Comprising 40,000 students across 16 locations, the university has created its place in the hearts of students from across the globe. Located in Bentley, South Australia, the research university derives its name from John Curtin, The Prime Minister of Australia during World War II. Curtin provides outstanding education in the fields of minerals and energy, ICT and emerging technologies, health and sustainable development. The university also offers programs in science and engineering, health sciences as well as business and humanities. Famous personalities who hail from this university include Tim Winton, a novelist and a multi-award winner known for his novels like An Open Swimmer (1982), Shallows (1984) and short stories like Scission (1985), received education at the Curtin University. His novel, An Open Swimmer won The Australian/Vogel Literary Award in 1981. John Butler, the music producer and singer came into limelight with his albums, Sunrise Over Sea, Grand National, and April Uprising. Martin Dougiamas, an educator and computer scientist pursued master's degree and PhD at the Curtin University. Ben Templesmith, John Butler, Amberley Lobo, Tim Winton, Judy Davis are a few alumni of the Curtin University. To know more about the alumni of the Curtin University, keep reading.