Find out more about the greatest British Anthropologists, including T. E. Lawrence, Jane Goodall, Alfred Russel Wallace, Edward Burnett Tylor and David Harvey.
Jane GoodallJane Goodall
03 April 1934
Alfred Russel WallaceAlfred Russel Wallace
08 January 1823
Naturalist, Explorer, Geographer, Anthropologist

Alice RobertsAlice Roberts
19 May 1973

David HarveyDavid Harvey
31 October 1935
Professor of Anthropology & Geography

Louis LeakeyLouis Leakey
07 August 1903
Paleoanthropologist and Archaeologist

Gregory BatesonGregory Bateson
09 May 1904
Anthropologist, Philosopher, Sociologist,
Edward Burnett TylorEdward Burnett Tylor
02 October 1832

James George FrazerJames George Frazer
01 January 1854
Anthropologist, Writer, Historian, Mythographer

Margaret MurrayMargaret Murray
13 July 1863
Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Egyptologist

Alfred Radcliffe-BrownAlfred Radcliffe-Brown
17 January 1881
Anthropologist, Sociologist
Mary LeakeyMary Leakey
06 February 1913
Academic, Anthropologist

E. E. Evans-PritchardE. E. Evans-Pritchard
21 September 1902
Anthropologist, University teacher, Sociologist
Ernest GellnerErnest Gellner
09 December 1925
Philosopher, Anthropologist, Professor,

Mary DouglasMary Douglas
25 March 1921
Anthropologist, Writer, University teacher

Victor TurnerVictor Turner
28 May 1920
Anthropologist, Sociologist
Ashley MontaguAshley Montagu
28 June 1905
Anthropologist, University teacher

John Lubbock, 1st Baron AveburyJohn Lubbock, 1st Baron Avebury
30 April 1834
Anthropologist, Politician, Archaeologist,
W. H. R. RiversW. H. R. Rivers
12 March 1864

Jack GoodyJack Goody
27 July 1919
Anthropologist, University teacher, Non-fiction

Max GluckmanMax Gluckman
26 January 1911
Meave LeakeyMeave Leakey
28 July 1942

Meyer FortesMeyer Fortes
25 April 1906
Robert Ranulph MarettRobert Ranulph Marett
13 June 1866