Famous People From England
Find out more about the greatest British Pianists, including Freddie Mercury, Elton John, George Martin, Reg Varney and Benjamin Britten.
Elton JohnElton John
25 March 1947
Phil CollinsPhil Collins
30 January 1951

James RightonJames Righton
25 August 1983

George MartinGeorge Martin
03 January 1926
Record Producer, Musician, Composer

Matthew BellamyMatthew Bellamy
09 June 1978

Benjamin BrittenBenjamin Britten
22 November 1913
Composer, conductor and pianist
Tom FletcherTom Fletcher
17 July 1985

Matthew HealyMatthew Healy
08 April 1989
Musical Performer

Declan McKennaDeclan McKenna
24 December 1998

George SmithGeorge Smith
09 March 1999
Pop–rock Singer, Instrumentalist
Roger WatersRoger Waters
06 September 1943
Composer, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist,

KT TunstallKT Tunstall
23 June 1975
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Singer, Pianist
Christine McVieChristine McVie
12 July 1943
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Songwriter, Pianist

Dhani HarrisonDhani Harrison
01 August 1978
Singer, Guitarist, Composer, Pianist, Model

Simon CollinsSimon Collins
Jack SavorettiJack Savoretti
10 October 1983
Singer, Pianist

Jack BruceJack Bruce
14 May 1943
Composer, Singer, Jazz musician, Diarist, Pianist,
Jamie CullumJamie Cullum
20 August 1979
Composer, Pianist, Singer-songwriter, Jazz

Rick WakemanRick Wakeman
18 May 1949
Composer, Musician, Keyboardist, Songwriter,

Keith EmersonKeith Emerson
02 November 1944
Myleene KlassMyleene Klass
06 April 1978
Singer, Model, Pianist

John CaleJohn Cale
09 March 1942
Singer-songwriter, Record producer, Actor,
Bill BaileyBill Bailey
13 January 1964
Actor, Television actor, Comedian, Screenwriter,

Max RichterMax Richter
22 March 1966
Composer, Musician, Pianist, Film score composer

Jon LordJon Lord
09 June 1941
Composer, pianist

Jools HollandJools Holland
24 January 1958
Musician, Composer, Pianist, Bandleader
Stuart AdamsonStuart Adamson
11 April 1958
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Guitarist, Pianist
Tom OdellTom Odell
24 November 1990
Singer-songwriter, Pianist

Bat for LashesBat for Lashes
25 October 1979
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Composer,

Jake BuggJake Bugg
28 February 1994
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Singer, Pianist,

Ray CooperRay Cooper
19 August 1947
Reg VarneyReg Varney

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Lianne La HavasLianne La Havas
23 August 1989
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Pianist, Songwriter,

Jeremy SpencerJeremy Spencer
04 July 1948
Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Singer, Pianist

Albert LeeAlbert Lee
21 December 1943
Musician, Pianist, Singer, Guitarist

Georgie FameGeorgie Fame
26 June 1943
Jazz musician, Pianist
Samuel Coleridge-TaylorSamuel Coleridge-Taylor
15 August 1875
Composer, Pianist, Conductor

Russ BallardRuss Ballard
31 October 1945
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Pianist
Evgeny KissinEvgeny Kissin
10 October 1971

Gabrielle AplinGabrielle Aplin
10 October 1992
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Actor, Pianist

Sister BlissSister Bliss
30 December 1970
Pianist, Disc jockey, Composer, Record producer
James Dean BradfieldJames Dean Bradfield
21 February 1969
Guitarist, Singer, Pianist, Songwriter

Ken HensleyKen Hensley
24 August 1945
Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Pianist
Tony HatchTony Hatch
30 June 1939
Composer, Songwriter, Record producer, Pianist,

Ian StanleyIan Stanley
28 February 1957
Musician, Pianist

Ruth Roche, Baroness FermoyRuth Roche, Baroness Fermoy
02 October 1908
Lady-in-waiting, Pianist

Anne DudleyAnne Dudley
07 May 1956
Composer, Musician, Pianist, Conductor, Film score

Brian AugerBrian Auger
18 July 1939
Pianist, Jazz musician, Record producer, Composer
Little BootsLittle Boots
04 May 1984
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Pianist, Record

George ShearingGeorge Shearing
13 August 1919
Composer, Pianist, Jazz musician

James ToselandJames Toseland
05 October 1980
Motorcycle racer, Pianist

Phil CoulterPhil Coulter
19 February 1942
Musician, Composer, Songwriter, Pianist
Chris StaintonChris Stainton
22 March 1944
Musician, Pianist, Songwriter

Richard StilgoeRichard Stilgoe
28 March 1943
Musician, Songwriter, Lyricist, Pianist
Russ ConwayRuss Conway
02 September 1925
Musician, Pianist, Songwriter

Winifred AtwellWinifred Atwell

Mike BarsonMike Barson
21 April 1958
Musician, Pianist
Arnold BaxArnold Bax
08 November 1883
Composer, Poet, Writer, Pianist

Nikolai MedtnerNikolai Medtner
05 January 1880
Composer, Pianist, University teacher
Marian McPartlandMarian McPartland
20 March 1918
Pianist, Radio personality, Composer, Jazz

Jocelyn PookJocelyn Pook
14 February 1960
Composer, Pianist

Jona LewieJona Lewie
14 March 1947
Singer, Pianist, Songwriter
Kaikhosru Shapurji SorabjiKaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji
14 August 1892
Pianist, Composer, Music critic, Writer

Richard Rodney BennettRichard Rodney Bennett
29 March 1936
Composer, Music educator, Jazz musician, Pianist,
Helen Jane LongHelen Jane Long

Joyce HattoJoyce Hatto
05 September 1928