Famous People From England
Much of what we read or see today are actually refined materials that goes under the knife numerous times (not literally though!) before being served at our desk. This is probably the reason why it is hard to pick up a single error from them. From reading materials to videos, they just seem to be perfect. But had they always been this way? Of course not! It is the editors who we must thank for that refined touch. Editors are the people are in the business of cutting the crap (quite literally). They determine the final content of an article or a recording by remoulding the same to suit the needs of the audience/viewers and readers. Editing today is a varied field and so is the job of an editor. From reading materials to computer programs to radio programs, television shows, animation programs, internet videos and motion pictures editors are required in every field. Every country today has its own pool of editors who are expert at their work. They edit or refine work to make them presentable and perfect for their audience. In the following segment, we have provided detailed information about British editors, their life and their works. Read on.
Anna WintourAnna Wintour
03 November 1949
Magazine Editor, Fashion Journalist
Andrew SullivanAndrew Sullivan
10 August 1963

Alan CorenAlan Coren
27 June 1938

Norman AngellNorman Angell
26 December 1872
British Journalist & Author

C.P. ScottC.P. Scott
26 October 1846
Former Editor of 'The Guardian'

Andrew NeilAndrew Neil
21 May 1949
Isabella BlowIsabella Blow
19 November 1958
Journalist, Editor, Model

Lady Randolph ChurchillLady Randolph Churchill
09 January 1854
Autobiographer, Writer, Socialite

Ian HislopIan Hislop
13 July 1960
Screenwriter, Journalist, Editor, Writer

Nigel LawsonNigel Lawson
11 March 1932
Journalist, Politician, Editor
Zac GoldsmithZac Goldsmith
20 January 1975
Politician, Editor, Journalist

Tina BrownTina Brown
21 November 1953
Grace CoddingtonGrace Coddington
20 April 1941
Model, Wardrobe stylist, Fashion editor,

William Worrall MayoWilliam Worrall Mayo
31 May 1819
Chemist, Politician, Gynaecologist, Editor

Dominic LawsonDominic Lawson
17 December 1956
Columnist, Journalist, Editor
Wyndham LewisWyndham Lewis
18 November 1882
Painter, Writer, Journalist, Editor, Novelist

Gary WhittaGary Whitta
21 July 1972
Journalist, Editor, Screenwriter
Anne V. CoatesAnne V. Coates
12 December 1925
Film editor

Eliza CookEliza Cook
24 December 1818
Journalist, Poet, Editor