Discover the notable alumni of Bates College. The list includes people like Robert F. Kennedy, David Hasselhoff, Robert Frost, James G. Blaine & Lewis Millett. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as writers, activists, scientists, leaders and miscellaneous etc.
Robert F. KennedyRobert F. Kennedy
20 November 1925, American
Brother of President John F. Kennedy
David HasselhoffDavid Hasselhoff
17 July 1952, American

Robert FrostRobert Frost
26 March 1874, American

Dean KamenDean Kamen
05 April 1951, American
Inventor of Segway PT

James G. BlaineJames G. Blaine
31 January 1830, American

Maria BamfordMaria Bamford
03 September 1970, American
Stand-up comedian
Edmund MuskieEdmund Muskie
28 March 1914, American

Minoru YamasakiMinoru Yamasaki
01 December 1912, American

Jan MasarykJan Masaryk
14 September 1886, Czech

Amory LovinsAmory Lovins
13 November 1947, American
Physicist, Writer
Donald HallDonald Hall
20 September 1928, American

Trisha BrownTrisha Brown
25 November 1936, American
Lewis MillettLewis Millett
15 December 1920, American

Sarah CaldwellSarah Caldwell
06 March 1924, American
Opera conductor and producer

Peter John GomesPeter John Gomes
22 May 1942, American
Dr. Benjamin Elijah MaysDr. Benjamin Elijah Mays
01 August 1894, American