Discover the notable alumni of Ateneo De Manila University. The list includes people like Benigno Aquino III, Jose Rizal, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Juan Ponce Enrile & Bam Aquino. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as leaders, film & theater personalities, lawyers & judges, singers and sportspersons etc.
Jose RizalJose Rizal
19 June 1861, Filipino
Gloria Macapagal-ArroyoGloria Macapagal-Arroyo
05 April 1947, Filipino
Former President of Philippines

Benigno Aquino IIIBenigno Aquino III
08 February 1960, Filipino
15th President of the Philippines

Benigno Aquino, Jr.Benigno Aquino, Jr.
27 November 1932, Filipino

Kris AquinoKris Aquino
14 February 1971, Filipino

Dingdong DantesDingdong Dantes
02 August 1980, Filipino
Angelica PanganibanAngelica Panganiban
04 November 1986, Filipino, American

Jose Mari ChanJose Mari Chan
11 March 1945, Filipino
Singer, Songwriter

Juan Ponce EnrileJuan Ponce Enrile
14 February 1924, Filipino
Politician, Jurist, Lawyer
Manuel V. PangilinanManuel V. Pangilinan
14 July 1946, Filipino

Pedro PaternoPedro Paterno
17 February 1857, Spanish
politician, novelist, poet, author, autobiographer
Risa HontiverosRisa Hontiveros
24 February 1966, Filipino
politician, journalist

Claro Mayo RectoClaro Mayo Recto
08 February 1890, Filipino

Japeth AguilarJapeth Aguilar
25 January 1987, Filipino
basketball player

Fidel V. RamosFidel V. Ramos
18 March 1928, Filipino

22 March 1981, Filipino
Actor, Singer, Model
Salvador LaurelSalvador Laurel
18 November 1928, Filipino
Lawyer, Politician

Doug KramerDoug Kramer
10 July 1983, Filipino
Basketball player

Jaime SinJaime Sin
31 August 1928, Filipino
Catholic priest

Ralph RectoRalph Recto
11 January 1964, Filipino
Jinggoy EstradaJinggoy Estrada
17 February 1963, Filipino
Actor, Film actor

Nikki GilNikki Gil
23 August 1987, Filipino
Singer, Actor
Chris TiuChris Tiu
15 July 1985, Filipino
Basketball player

Bam AquinoBam Aquino
07 May 1977, Filipino

Joseph Emilio AbayaJoseph Emilio Abaya
28 May 1966, Filipino
Armin LuistroArmin Luistro
24 December 1961, Filipino

Joker ArroyoJoker Arroyo
05 January 1927, Filipino
Politician, Lawyer
Antonio CuencoAntonio Cuenco
26 March 1936, Filipino