Howsoever you hate history you cannot deny the fact that it is interesting and exciting to know about historic events that shaped the world and people who were real icons of the past. They were the trailblazers who have directed much of our past, present and our future. While reading history is not everyone’s cup of tea, there are some who take it up professionally. Historians are people who research, study and write about the past. They are involved with continuous research of past events and study history of all times and human race. Every country has its own pool of historians who unleash the past for the mankind’s present and future. American historians have time and again explored the bygone era and brought forth unknown facts about America’s modest past and the events that led it to become a super power. They have covered every aspect of American history right from its African-America past, the Civil War, American liberalism and its global super power status. Eric Foner, Allan Nevins, Arthur M Schlesinger Jr, Francis Parkman, Bruce Catton are some of the celebrated American historians who have brought to limelight the historic past of America. Check this write-up to find in details about the famous American historians, their life and their works.
Noam ChomskyNoam Chomsky
07 December 1928
David McCulloughDavid McCullough
07 July 1933
Author, Historian

Will DurantWill Durant
05 November 1885
Writer, Historian, Philosopher

Henry AdamsHenry Adams
16 February 1838

Carter WoodsonCarter Woodson
19 December 1875

Bernard BerensonBernard Berenson
26 June 1865
Art Historian
Arthur M SchlesingerArthur M. Schlesinger Jr.
15 October 1917

Newt GingrichNewt Gingrich
17 June 1943

Jon MeachamJon Meacham
20 May 1969
Journalist, Historian, Biographer
George McGovernGeorge McGovern
19 July 1922
Politician, Soldier, Historian

Heather Cox RichardsonHeather Cox Richardson
1962 AD
Victor Davis HansonVictor Davis Hanson
05 September 1953
Historian, University teacher, Journalist

Doris Kearns GoodwinDoris Kearns Goodwin
04 January 1943
Journalist, Historian

Bill JamesBill James
05 October 1949

Henry Louis Gates Jr.Henry Louis Gates Jr.
16 September 1950

David EisenhowerDavid Eisenhower
31 March 1948
Allan LichtmanAllan Lichtman
04 April 1947

Francis FukuyamaFrancis Fukuyama
27 October 1952
Writer, Political scientist, Blogger, Economist

Howard ZinnHoward Zinn
24 August 1922
Playwright, Political scientist, Historian of the

Michael BeschlossMichael Beschloss
30 November 1955
American historian
Michael Eric DysonMichael Eric Dyson
23 October 1958
Historian, Biographer

Eric BogosianEric Bogosian
24 April 1953
Tim ConsidineTim Considine
31 December 1940

Anne ApplebaumAnne Applebaum
25 July 1964
Columnist, Historian, Writer, Non-fiction writer,

Walter IsaacsonWalter Isaacson
20 May 1952
Caleb CarrCaleb Carr
02 August 1955

Murray BookchinMurray Bookchin
14 January 1921
Writer, Historian, Philosopher, University
Max BootMax Boot
12 September 1969
Writer, Consultant, Historian, Journalist

Thomas WoodsThomas Woods
01 August 1972
Historian, Writer, Economist

Aviva ChomskyAviva Chomsky
20 April 1957
Historian, University teacher
Stephen Edward AmbroseStephen Edward Ambrose
10 January 1936

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Sarah VowellSarah Vowell
27 December 1969
Joe Medicine CrowJoe Medicine Crow
27 October 1913

Virginia DareVirginia Dare
18 August 1587

Harry TurtledoveHarry Turtledove
14 June 1949

Timothy D. SnyderTimothy D. Snyder
18 August 1969
Historian, Writer, Literary critic, University
Christopher LaschChristopher Lasch
01 June 1932
Historian, Social critic, Writer, Sociologist,
Vincent Barrett PriceVincent Barrett Price
30 August 1940

Dave MeltzerDave Meltzer
24 October 1959

Michael ShermerMichael Shermer
08 September 1954

Robert OsborneRobert Osborne
03 May 1932
Actor, Television actor, Biographer, Film actor,
Joseph L. GallowayJoseph L. Galloway
13 November 1941
Journalist, Historian

Richard HofstadterRichard Hofstadter
06 August 1916
Historian, Political scientist, Writer, University

Francis Parker YockeyFrancis Parker Yockey
18 September 1917
Philosopher, Historian, Writer, Pianist, Lawyer,

Immanuel WallersteinImmanuel Wallerstein
28 September 1930
Economist, Geopolitician, Economic historian,

Eric FonerEric Foner
07 February 1943
Historian of the modern age, Historian, University
Studs TerkelStuds Terkel
16 May 1912
Journalist, Historian, Radio personality, Writer,

Charles Francis Adams Sr.Charles Francis Adams Sr.
18 August 1807
Archibald Gracie IVArchibald Gracie IV
17 January 1859
historian, writer

Mike DavisMike Davis
1946 AD

Russell KirkRussell Kirk
19 October 1918
Political scientist, Philosopher, Literary critic,
Thomas FrankThomas Frank
21 March 1965
Historian, Journalist

William L. ShirerWilliam L. Shirer
23 February 1904
Journalist, Historian, Writer
David HalberstamDavid Halberstam
10 April 1934
Historian, Writer, Journalist

Sebastian JungerSebastian Junger
17 January 1962
Film director, Journalist, Non-fiction writer,

Lewis MumfordLewis Mumford
19 October 1895
Architect, Historian of technology, Historian,

Carter G. WoodsonCarter G. Woodson
19 December 1875
Journalist, Historian

Christopher BrowningChristopher Browning
22 May 1944
Historian of the modern age, Historian
Barbara TuchmanBarbara Tuchman
30 January 1912

James MillJames Mill
06 April 1773

George Washington WilliamsGeorge Washington Williams
16 October 1849
Soldier, Historian, Diplomat, Writer, Minister,

Drew Gilpin FaustDrew Gilpin Faust
18 September 1947
Historian, University teacher
Madison GrantMadison Grant
19 November 1865
Lawyer, Anthropologist, Racial theorist,

Joan Wallach ScottJoan Wallach Scott
18 December 1941
Historian, University teacher
Daniel YerginDaniel Yergin
06 February 1947
Historian, Economist, Writer

Lothrop StoddardLothrop Stoddard
29 June 1883
Anthropologist, Political scientist, Historian,

Ananda CoomaraswamyAnanda Coomaraswamy
22 August 1877
Stephen GreenblattStephen Greenblatt
07 November 1943

Charles TillyCharles Tilly
27 May 1929
Historian, Political scientist, Sociologist,
Robert KaganRobert Kagan
26 September 1958

Edward LuttwakEdward Luttwak
04 November 1942
Economist, Geopolitician, Historian, Writer

Garry WillsGarry Wills
22 May 1934
Historian, Biographer
James M. McPhersonJames M. McPherson
11 October 1936
Historian, University teacher, Writer

Frederick Jackson TurnerFrederick Jackson Turner
14 November 1861
Historian, Writer
Michael OrenMichael Oren
20 May 1955
historian, diplomat, politician, journalist

William Graham SumnerWilliam Graham Sumner
30 October 1840
Anthropologist, Political scientist, Historian,

John Henrik ClarkeJohn Henrik Clarke
01 January 1915

Richard CarrierRichard Carrier
01 December 1969
Historian, Philosopher
Gordon S. WoodGordon S. Wood
27 November 1933
Historian, University teacher, Writer
Mark BowdenMark Bowden
17 July 1951
Writer, Historian, Screenwriter, Journalist

Derek J. de Solla PriceDerek J. de Solla Price
22 January 1922

John Hope FranklinJohn Hope Franklin
02 January 1915
Historian, University teacher, Author, Professor,

Charles A. BeardCharles A. Beard
27 November 1874
Historian of the modern age, Historian, University
Elaine PagelsElaine Pagels
13 February 1943

L. Sprague de CampL. Sprague de Camp
27 November 1907

Noel IgnatievNoel Ignatiev
1940 AD

Erwin PanofskyErwin Panofsky
30 March 1892
Art historian

Bert SugarBert Sugar
07 June 1936
John Lewis GaddisJohn Lewis Gaddis
02 April 1941
Historian, University teacher, Biographer

Nathaniel PhilbrickNathaniel Philbrick
11 June 1956
Writer, Historian
Hayden WhiteHayden White
12 July 1928
Philosopher, Historian, Writer, University teacher

Jean RitchieJean Ritchie
08 December 1922
Historian, Singer, Musicologist, Musician,
Andrew BacevichAndrew Bacevich
05 July 1947
political scientist, historian
William ManchesterWilliam Manchester
01 April 1922