88 Year Old Females

The list of famous 88 year old females includes Loretta Lynn, Toni Morrison, Barbara Eden, Piper Laurie, Ruth Gordon. Famous females featured on this list, include actresses, novelists, poets and educators and from other domains of life. This list of 88 Year Old includes people from United States, England, France & Germany and many more countries.

Loretta LynnLoretta Lynn
14 April 1932, American
Barbara EdenBarbara Eden
23 August 1931, American

Piper LauriePiper Laurie
22 January 1932, American

Neile AdamsNeile Adams
10 July 1932, Filipino, American

Barbara BainBarbara Bain
13 September 1931, American

Angie DickinsonAngie Dickinson
30 September 1931, American
American actress
Rita MorenoRita Moreno
11 December 1931, American
Actor, Musician, Singer, Stage actor, Television

Prunella ScalesPrunella Scales
22 June 1932, British

Mitzi GaynorMitzi Gaynor
04 September 1931, American
American actress
Elaine MayElaine May
21 April 1932, American
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Stage actor,

Anouk AiméeAnouk Aimée
27 April 1932, French
Actor, Film actor
Phyllida LawPhyllida Law
08 May 1932, British, Scottish

Romila ThaparRomila Thapar
30 November 1931, Indian
Historian, University teacher

Haya HarareetHaya Harareet
20 September 1931, Israeli
Screenwriter, Stage actor, Film actor

Silvia PinalSilvia Pinal
12 September 1931, Mexican
Politician, Television actor, Film actor, Stage

Christiane KubrickChristiane Kubrick
10 May 1932, German
Actor, Singer, Painter
Monica VittiMonica Vitti
03 November 1931, Italian
Actor, Screenwriter, Film director

Keely SmithKeely Smith
09 March 1932, American
Singer, Jazz musician

Marisa PavanMarisa Pavan
19 June 1932, French, Italian

Marianne KochMarianne Koch
19 August 1931, German
Actor, Television presenter, Physician, Internist
Caroline GrahamCaroline Graham
17 July 1931, British
Screenwriter, Novelist, Writer

Emilie Benes BrzezinskiEmilie Benes Brzezinski
1932 AD, American
artist, sculptor
Nawal El SaadawiNawal El Saadawi
27 October 1931, Egyptian

Harriet AnderssonHarriet Andersson
14 February 1932, Swedish

Naina YeltsinaNaina Yeltsina
14 March 1932, Russian
Sofia GubaidulinaSofia Gubaidulina
24 October 1931, Russian

Elena PoniatowskaElena Poniatowska
19 May 1932, Spanish, Mexican
Journalist, Writer
Denise Scott BrownDenise Scott Brown
03 October 1931, American

Christiane MartelChristiane Martel
18 January 1932, French
actor, beauty pageant contestant, model

Kyōko KagawaKyōko Kagawa
05 December 1931, Japanese
Marjorie Jackson-NelsonMarjorie Jackson-Nelson
13 September 1931, Australian

Marthe VillalongaMarthe Villalonga
20 March 1932, French
Isabel ColegateIsabel Colegate
10 September 1931, British

Margaret Bryan DavisMargaret Bryan Davis
23 October 1931, American

Julia O'FaolainJulia O'Faolain
1932 AD, Irish, British