Find out more about the greatest 19th Century Serial Killers, including Billy the Kid, H. H. Holmes, Fritz Haarmann, Alferd Packer and Peter Kürten.
Jack the RipperJack the Ripper
1865 AD, British
Serial Killer
H.H. Holmes H. H. Holmes
16 May 1861, American
Serial Killer

Albert FishAlbert Fish
19 May 1870, American
Serial Killer

Billy the KidBilly the Kid
17 November 1859, American

Belle GunnessBelle Gunness
11 November 1859, Norwegian, American
Serial Killer

Amelia DyerAmelia Dyer
1837 AD, British
Serial Killer
Mary Ann CottonMary Ann Cotton
31 October 1832, British
Serial Killer

William BurkeWilliam Burke
1792 AD, Irish

John ChristieJohn Christie
08 April 1899, British
serial killer
Fritz HaarmannFritz Haarmann
25 October 1879, German
Serial killer

Alferd PackerAlferd Packer
21 January 1842, American
Criminal, Serial killer
Elizabeth StrideElizabeth Stride
27 November 1843, Swedish
Serial Killer

John Bodkin AdamsJohn Bodkin Adams
21 January 1899, British
Physician, Serial killer

Henri Désiré LandruHenri Désiré Landru
12 April 1869, French
Serial killer, Subdeacon, Accountant, Q3053339,

Servant Girl AnnihilatorServant Girl Annihilator
Serial killer

Béla KissBéla Kiss
1877 AD, Hungarian
Serial Killer
Manuel Blanco RomasantaManuel Blanco Romasanta
18 November 1809, Spanish
Serial killer

Frederick Bailey DeemingFrederick Bailey Deeming

Enriqueta MartiEnriqueta Marti
02 February 1868, Spanish
Serial Killer

Dagmar OverbyeDagmar Overbye
23 April 1887, Danish
Serial killer
Gesche GottfriedGesche Gottfried
06 March 1785, German

Olga Konstantinovna BriscornOlga Konstantinovna Briscorn
1776 AD, Russian
Serial Killer