Throughout history, there have been many female rock musicians who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great female rock musicians, such as Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, Celine Dion, Olivia Newton-John. The women featured in this list are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and many more countries.
Sheryl CrowSheryl Crow
11 February 1962, American
Musician, Singer-songwriter
Tori AmosTori Amos
22 August 1963, American
Musician and Singer

AJ MichalkaAJ Michalka
10 April 1991, American

Sarah McLachlanSarah McLachlan
28 January 1968, Canadian

11 November 1968, Canadian

Cleo Rose ElliottCleo Rose Elliott
17 September 1984, American
Celine DionCeline Dion
30 March 1968, Canadian
Singer, Actor, Voice actor, Musician, Pianist,

20 May 1946, American
Actor, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Film

Alanis MorissetteAlanis Morissette
01 June 1974, Canadian, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Actor, Composer,

Lily AllenLily Allen
02 May 1985, British
Singer, Singer-songwriter
Debby RyanDebby Ryan
13 May 1993, American
Singer, Child actor, Singer-songwriter, Film

Joan BaezJoan Baez
09 January 1941, American
Singer-songwriter, Street artist, Singer,
Susanna HoffsSusanna Hoffs
17 January 1959, American
Actor, Singer-songwriter, Film producer, Musician,

Linda PerryLinda Perry
15 April 1965, American
Singer, Composer, Musician, Songwriter, Record

Amanda PalmerAmanda Palmer
30 April 1976, American
Singer, Street artist, Composer, Pianist,
Bonnie TylerBonnie Tyler
08 June 1951, British
Singer, Songwriter

Sophie Ellis-BextorSophie Ellis-Bextor
10 April 1979, British
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Model
Fiona AppleFiona Apple
13 September 1977, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer, Pianist,

PJ HarveyPJ Harvey
09 October 1969, British
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Artist, Singer,

Nancy SpungenNancy Spungen
27 February 1958, American
Drug trafficker, Prostitute
KT TunstallKT Tunstall
23 June 1975, British
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Singer, Pianist

Shirley MansonShirley Manson
26 August 1966, British, American
Actor, Singer, Guitarist, Musician, Model,
Siouxsie SiouxSiouxsie Sioux
27 May 1957, British
Singer, Musician, Exotica, Songwriter

Imogen HeapImogen Heap
09 December 1977, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Record producer

Regina SpektorRegina Spektor
18 February 1980, American
Singer, Pianist, Musician, Singer-songwriter,

Carrie BrownsteinCarrie Brownstein
27 September 1974, American
Singer, Guitarist, Actor, Writer, Musician,
Jessica OrigliassoJessica Origliasso
25 December 1984, Australian
Singer, Actor, Songwriter
Brody DalleBrody Dalle
01 January 1979, Australian
Guitarist, Singer

Kirsty MacCollKirsty MacColl
10 October 1959, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Sandy DennySandy Denny
06 January 1947, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Songwriter

Amy MacdonaldAmy Macdonald
25 August 1987, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Guitarist
Melissa Auf der MaurMelissa Auf der Maur
17 March 1972, Canadian
Singer-songwriter, Photographer, Film producer,

Nina HagenNina Hagen
11 March 1955, German
Actor, Singer

Lisa OrigliassoLisa Origliasso
25 December 1984, Australian
Singer, Composer, Actor, Songwriter

Brooke FraserBrooke Fraser
15 December 1983, New Zealander
Singer-songwriter, Singer

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Shakthisree GopalanShakthisree Gopalan
25 October 1988, Indian
Singer, Actor, Songwriter
Tammin SursokTammin Sursok
19 August 1983, Australian, South African
Actor, Singer, Film actor

Emily HainesEmily Haines
25 January 1974, Canadian
Musician, Singer-songwriter, Singer, Pianist
Bat for LashesBat for Lashes
25 October 1979, British
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Composer,

Chrissy AmphlettChrissy Amphlett
25 October 1959, Australian
Street artist, Singer, Actor, Songwriter

Fefe DobsonFefe Dobson
28 February 1985, Canadian
Singer, Actor, Songwriter, Musician, Model
Nanna Bryndís HilmarsdóttirNanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir
06 May 1989, Icelander
Musician, Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter

Laura MarlingLaura Marling
01 February 1990, British
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Singer
Ximena SariñanaXimena Sariñana
29 October 1985, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Jazz musician, Television actor,

Régine ChassagneRégine Chassagne
18 August 1977, Canadian
Singer, Musician, Pianist

Cassie SteeleCassie Steele
02 December 1989, Canadian
Actor, Singer, Musician

Missy HigginsMissy Higgins
19 August 1983, Australian
singer, pianist, songwriter

19 March 1978, Australian
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Actor, Composer
Marion RavenMarion Raven
25 May 1984, Norwegian
Singer, Songwriter

Laura ImbrugliaLaura Imbruglia
15 June 1983, Australian
Singer, Songwriter

Gin WigmoreGin Wigmore
06 June 1986, New Zealander
Singer, Jazz musician, Songwriter

Bic RungaBic Runga
13 January 1976, Malaysian
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Guitarist
Alexz JohnsonAlexz Johnson
04 November 1986, Canadian
Singer-songwriter, Actor, Singer

Najwa NimriNajwa Nimri
14 February 1972, Spanish
Singer, Actor
Emilíana TorriniEmilíana Torrini
16 May 1977, Icelander
Singer, Songwriter

Natasha ShneiderNatasha Shneider
22 May 1956, American
Actor, Musician, Pianist

Skye SweetnamSkye Sweetnam
05 May 1988, Canadian
Singer, Songwriter
Serena RyderSerena Ryder
08 December 1982, Canadian
Singer, Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter

Sass JordanSass Jordan
23 December 1962, Canadian
Singer, Singer-songwriter
26 August 1976, Russian
Singer, Composer, Poet, Singer-songwriter

Lisa GermanoLisa Germano
27 June 1958, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Songwriter

Megan WashingtonMegan Washington
07 January 1986, Australian
Singer, Songwriter
Isobel CampbellIsobel Campbell
27 April 1976, British
Singer, Songwriter

Anita LaneAnita Lane
Maria MenaMaria Mena
19 February 1986, Norwegian
Musician, Singer, Songwriter

Zoë KeatingZoë Keating
02 February 1972, Canadian, American

23 December 1978, Canadian
Singer, Jazz musician, Songwriter

Sarah NeufeldSarah Neufeld
27 August 1979, Canadian
Trixie WhitleyTrixie Whitley
24 June 1987, Belgian
Ida MariaIda Maria
13 July 1984, Norwegian
Singer, Musician, Guitarist

Amy MillanAmy Millan
03 December 1973, Canadian

Margaret UrlichMargaret Urlich
1965 AD, New Zealander

Katie NoonanKatie Noonan
02 May 1977, Australian
Singer, Songwriter
Sophie TrudeauSophie Trudeau

Olivia MerilahtiOlivia Merilahti
1982 AD, Finnish
singer, composer, guitarist

08 April 1975, Dutch

Lindi OrtegaLindi Ortega

Justyna SteczkowskaJustyna Steczkowska
02 August 1972, Polish
Singer, Actor
11 April 1987, Canadian

St. VincentSt. Vincent
28 September 1982, American
25 April 1958, Canadian
singer, singer-songwriter, musician

22 October 1985, French
actor, singer-songwriter, singer

Tina DickowTina Dickow
14 October 1977, Danish
Megan Martha WhiteMegan Martha White
10 December 1974, American

Kate Miller‐HeidkeKate Miller‐Heidke
16 November 1981, Australian