Throughout history, there have been many women athletes who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great female athletes such as Cathy Freeman, Wilma Rudolph, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Allyson Felix, Valerie Adams.The women athletes featured in this list are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Australia and many more countries.
Fatima WhitbreadFatima Whitbread
03 March 1961, British
Javelin Thrower
Wilma RudolphWilma Rudolph
23 June 1940, American

Allyson FelixAllyson Felix
18 November 1985, American
Track and field athlete

Jackie Joyner-KerseeJackie Joyner-Kersee
03 March 1962, American

Cathy FreemanCathy Freeman
16 February 1973, Australian

Jessica Ennis-HillJessica Ennis-Hill
28 January 1986, British
Track & Field Athlete
Valerie AdamsValerie Adams
06 October 1984, New Zealander
Shot Putter

Dot JonesDot Jones
04 January 1964, American

Gail DeversGail Devers
19 November 1966, American
Stefka KostadinovaStefka Kostadinova
25 March 1965, Bulgarian
Olympic athlete

Liz McColganLiz McColgan
24 May 1964, British, Scottish
Betty CuthbertBetty Cuthbert
20 April 1938, Australian

Eilish McColganEilish McColgan
25 November 1990, Scottish

Satcha PrettoSatcha Pretto
05 April 1980, Honduran

Anna ChicherovaAnna Chicherova
22 July 1982, Armenian
Olympic athlete

Nadia ComaneciNadia Comaneci
12 November 1961, Romanian
Olympic Champion Gymnast
Georgina BloombergGeorgina Bloomberg
20 January 1983, American

Lolo JonesLolo Jones
05 August 1982, American
Sprinter, Bobsledder, Athletics competitor

Ellen WhitakerEllen Whitaker
05 March 1986, British
Show jumper

Florence Griffith JoynerFlorence Griffith Joyner
21 December 1959, American
Allison StokkeAllison Stokke
22 March 1989, American

Caster SemenyaCaster Semenya
07 January 1991, South African
Olympic Athlete
Aimee MullinsAimee Mullins
20 July 1976, American

Sagarika GhatgeSagarika Ghatge
08 January 1986, Indian

Marion JonesMarion Jones
12 October 1975, Belizean, American
Basketball player, Sprinter
P. T. UshaP. T. Usha
27 June 1964, Indian
Athletics competitor

Mary Lou RettonMary Lou Retton
24 January 1968, American
Artistic gymnast
Dominique MoceanuDominique Moceanu
30 September 1981, American
Artistic gymnast

Alina KabaevaAlina Kabaeva
12 May 1983, Uzbekistan, Russian
Politician, Model, Artistic gymnast, Rhythmic

Kelly HolmesKelly Holmes
19 April 1970, British
Middle-distance runner
Dominique DawesDominique Dawes
20 November 1976, American
Artistic gymnast

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Shannon MillerShannon Miller
10 March 1977, American
Artistic gymnast, Lawyer
Paula RadcliffePaula Radcliffe
17 December 1973, British
Marathon runner, Long-distance runner, Athletics

Rachel HomanRachel Homan
05 April 1989, Canadian

Christine SinclairChristine Sinclair
12 June 1983, Canadian
Association football player

Svetlana KhorkinaSvetlana Khorkina
19 January 1979, Russian
Politician, Artistic gymnast
Ekaterina GordeevaEkaterina Gordeeva
28 May 1971, Russian
Figure skater
Kathrine SwitzerKathrine Switzer
05 January 1947, American
Journalist, Athletics competitor, Non-fiction

Shelly-Ann Fraser-PryceShelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
27 December 1986, Jamaican
Sprinter, Athletics competitor

Aliya MustafinaAliya Mustafina
30 September 1994, Russian
Artistic gymnast

Sadako SasakiSadako Sasaki
07 January 1943, Japanese
Delilah DiCrescenzoDelilah DiCrescenzo
07 February 1983, American
Athletics competitor

Katarina Johnson-ThompsonKatarina Johnson-Thompson
09 January 1993, British
Athletics competitor

Misty May-TreanorMisty May-Treanor
30 July 1977, American
Volleyball player, Beach volleyball player

Yelena IsinbayevaYelena Isinbayeva
03 June 1982, Russian
Pole vaulter, Athletics competitor

Kerri Walsh JenningsKerri Walsh Jennings
15 August 1978, American
Volleyball player, Beach volleyball player
Picabo StreetPicabo Street
03 April 1971, American
Olympic athlete

Michelle JennekeMichelle Jenneke
23 June 1993, Australian
Hurdler, Athletics competitor, Model
Nicola AdamsNicola Adams
26 October 1982, British

Rebecca AdlingtonRebecca Adlington
17 February 1989, British

Debi ThomasDebi Thomas
25 March 1967, American
Figure skater
Zola BuddZola Budd
26 May 1966, South African
Middle-distance runner, Marathon runner

Victoria PendletonVictoria Pendleton
24 September 1980, British
Track cyclist, Sport cyclist, Autobiographer,
Simone ManuelSimone Manuel
02 August 1996, American
American olympic athlete

Dafne SchippersDafne Schippers
15 June 1992
Athletics competitor

Merlene OtteyMerlene Ottey
10 May 1960, Jamaican, Slovenian
Sprinter, Athletics competitor

Suzy Favor HamiltonSuzy Favor Hamilton
08 August 1968, American
Athletics competitor, Call girl

Carmelita JeterCarmelita Jeter
24 November 1979, American
Sprinter, Athletics competitor
Sara McMannSara McMann
24 September 1980, American
Mixed martial artist, Amateur wrestler

Denise LewisDenise Lewis
27 August 1972, British
Athletics competitor

Ibtihaj MuhammadIbtihaj Muhammad
04 December 1985, American

Charlotte DujardinCharlotte Dujardin
13 July 1985, British
Dressage rider
Deepika KumariDeepika Kumari
13 June 1993, Indian

Mary DeckerMary Decker
04 August 1958, American
Long-distance runner, Middle-distance runner,
Anna MearesAnna Meares
21 September 1983, Australian
Sport cyclist

Florence Griffith-JoynerFlorence Griffith-Joyner
21 December 1959, American
American track and field athlete

Nova PerisNova Peris
25 November 1971, Australian
field hockey player, athletics competitor,
Tirunesh DibabaTirunesh Dibaba
01 June 1985, Ethiopian
long-distance runner, athletics competitor

Cătălina PonorCătălina Ponor
20 August 1987, Romanian
Artistic gymnast
Kaetlyn OsmondKaetlyn Osmond
05 December 1995, Canadian
Figure skater

Sally PearsonSally Pearson
19 September 1986, Australian
Athletics competitor

Amy WilliamsAmy Williams
29 September 1982, British
Skeleton racer
Marita KochMarita Koch
18 February 1957, German

Veronica Campbell-BrownVeronica Campbell-Brown
15 May 1982, Jamaican
Alice CoachmanAlice Coachman
09 November 1923, American
American olympic athlete

Genzebe DibabaGenzebe Dibaba
08 February 1991, Ethiopian
Long-distance runner, Middle-distance runner,

Anjali BhagwatAnjali Bhagwat
05 December 1969, Indian
Sport shooter

Blanka VlašićBlanka Vlašić
08 November 1983, Croatian
Simona de SilvestroSimona de Silvestro
01 September 1988, Swiss
Racecar driver
Evelyn AshfordEvelyn Ashford
15 April 1957, American
American olympic athlete

Tatyana McFaddenTatyana McFadden
21 April 1989, American
Cross-country skier, Athletics competitor

He KexinHe Kexin
01 January 1992, Chinese
Artistic gymnast

Grete WaitzGrete Waitz
01 October 1953, Norwegian
Marathon runner, Long-distance runner, Athletics
Magdalena NeunerMagdalena Neuner
09 February 1987, German
German biathlete

Christine OhuruoguChristine Ohuruogu
17 May 1984, British
Writer, Sprinter

Fanny Blankers-KoenFanny Blankers-Koen
26 April 1918, Netherlands Antilles, Dutch

Cristina NeaguCristina Neagu
26 August 1988, Romanian
Handball player

Darya DomrachevaDarya Domracheva
03 August 1986, Belarusian
Natalie SpoonerNatalie Spooner
17 October 1990, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Athina Onassis RousselAthina Onassis Roussel
29 January 1985, French
Santhi SoundarajanSanthi Soundarajan
17 April 1981, Indian
middle-distance runner

Marie-José PérecMarie-José Pérec
09 May 1968, Guadeloupean
Foekje DillemaFoekje Dillema
18 September 1926, Dutch
athletics competitor
Wang ShixianWang Shixian
13 February 1990
Badminton player