Every country in the world has its own culture and religion and thus its own group of spiritual and religious leaders. Though both spiritual and religious leaders aim at helping mankind become pious and reverent, their pathways are different. While religious leaders tend to an organized system of paying homage to God, spiritual leaders are basically concerned with the spiritual conduct of a human being and often do not use any form of deity worship. Talking about Spain’s religious beliefs, the country was born out of the religious struggle between Catholicism, Islam, Protestantism and Judaism. However, in 1851, Catholicism became a state religion. During the Franco regime, Roman Catholic Church gained a legal status as the only authorized religion of the country. It was only in 1978 that Spaniards were given the right to religious freedom. Amidst the religious turmoil that surfaced and prevailed in the nation, numerous spiritual and religious leaders influenced the people of Spain with their beliefs and philosophies. It is to these leaders that we have dedicated this section. Their dedication and wisdom in guiding Spaniards have been instrumental in the Spanish society. Check this section to know more about Spanish spiritual and religious leaders.
Francis XavierFrancis Xavier
07 April 1506
John of the CrossJohn of the Cross
24 June 1542
Roman Catholic Saint

Saint Teresa of AvilaSaint Teresa of Avila
28 March 1515

Saint Ignatius of LoyolaSaint Ignatius of Loyola
23 October 1491

Saint DominicSaint Dominic
1170 AD
Catholic priest

Saint LawrenceSaint Lawrence
31 December 0225
Saint, Deacon
Tomás de TorquemadaTomás de Torquemada
14 October 1420

Isidore the LaborerIsidore the Laborer
1080 AD

Joan Enric Vives SicíliaJoan Enric Vives Sicília
24 July 1949
Professor, Catholic priest, Cleric

Pope Callixtus IIIPope Callixtus III
31 December 1378
Diego de LandaDiego de Landa
12 November 1524

Judah HaleviJudah Halevi
1079 AD
poet, philosopher, writer, cleric
1194 AD